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3/9/14 Fleeing an officer - Is there liability on the part of the police?
3/12/14 Three things you need to know about arson in Wisconsin
3/14/14 Tips when facing a Wisconsin drug charge
3/16/14 What happens if someone gets a restraining order against me?
3/22/14 Finding a good Wisconsin child support lawyer in Milwaukee
3/25/14 How to protect yourself from identity theft charges
3/27/14 Madison crime lab approved for expansion - what does this mean for suspects?
4/1/14 Three things a lawyer won't tell you
​4/3/14 Will my reputation be hurt if I go to court?
4/8/14 How do I fix my reputation if I've been convicted of a crime?
4/10/14 Attorney wins back your license 
4/15/14 Tips to help your lawyer win your case
4/17/14 Talking to kids when a parent has been convicted of a crime
4/22/14 Tips for parenting alone while the other parent is in jail
4/29/14 Attorney Carlos Gamino talks about the lawyer accused of having a sexual relationship with a client
5/6/14 Texting while driving - the dangers from a lawyer's perspective
5/13/14 Carlos Gamino discusses Wisconsin sexual assault charges
5/20/14 What should you do if your child is held in juvenile detention
6/3/14 3 Things you need to know about Milwaukee battery charges
6/5/14 What constitutes disorderly conduct in Wisconsin?
6/6/14 Charged with stealing a car in Milwaukee
6/10/14 Why would you create a photo trail of your own crime?
6/17/14 Charged with resisting arrest  in Wisconsin
6/24/14 Why court is like a baseball game
7/1/14 Q & A on practicing criminal law in the Milwaukee metro area
7/3/14 Q & A on juvenile delinquency cases in Milwaukee, WI
7/8/14 Q & A on criminal trespassing offenses
7/10/14 Q & A on double jeopardy
7/15/14 Q & A on entrapment
7/17/14 Q & A on Wisconsin criminal traffic & driving offenses
7/22/14 Q & A on computer crimes in WI
7/24/14 Q & A on WI marijuana laws with Attorney Carlos A. Gamino
8/12/14 Eating 101 - food for lawyers on the go
8/19/14 Police powers and social discontent
8/25/14 Common core curriculum for WI education
8/29/14 Business choices: wise judgment or unjustified?
9/2/14 The right to carry & bear arms in WI
9/9/14 Can lawyers be more productive?
9/16/14 What does it take for a teacher to lose a license in WI?
9/23/14 Why would police need to use a Taser on a kid?
10/7/14 Cost of incarceration in the US
10/14/14 Can discipline in the workplace be a form of harassment?
10/21/14 Attorney Carlos Gamino discusses criminal charges and endangered animals
10/30/14 Open records, criminal records, and your privacy
11/7/14 Do you still worry about Ebola spreading in the United States?
11/11/14 Right to guns and background checks
11/19/14 What happens when you lose a professional license? 
11/25/14  Carlos A. Gamino explains the office of lawyer regulation system
11/26/14 Discrimination, racial profiling, and Ferguson, MO
12/2/14 Should WI increase the minimum wage for workers?
12/9/14 Carlos Gamino discusses the controversial topic of schools offering medical treatment
1/21/15 Knives as religious items or weapons when it comes to public school laws
2/5/15 Freedom of speech on internet?
2/11/15 Why do some people lose their license?
2/17/15 How does Charlie Hebdo affect our rights to freedom of speech?
2/23/15 Investigating insurance rates
3/2/15 Funny things people sometimes do when committing a crime
3/9/15 Who should go to Mars?
3/16/15 What do we think about using social media while incarcerated?
3/23/14 Continuing thoughts on Common Core
3/30/15 Wacky Wisconsin stories in the news
3/30/15 Where are the girls who left to join ISIS?
4/13/15 Is our government honest?
4/13/15 Combating homelessness in the US
4/20/15 Would you climb the Falls?
4/20/15 What changes will occur with WI Right to Work legislation?
4/27/15 What is Right to Work all about?
5/1/15 Court... What are these people saying?
5/10/15 How often are lawyers disciplined for bad behavior?
5/18/15 When things go wrong in the military...  what leads to desertion and criminal charges?
5/25/15 Getting to the truth or invasive police action - are body cams a good thing or not?
6/2/15 Do Americans Still Believe in the Death Penalty?
6/8/15 Voluntary confession caught on camera - the Robert Durst story...
6/14/15 Do reserve police officers receive sufficient training?
6/23/15 Are kids protected when they are sent to juvenile detention?
6/2815 What can happen when children are taken across the border?
7/5/15 How much can celebrities influence the public policy?
7/13/15 Why would police be militarized in the United States?
7/20/15 Should Officer Kenny be allowed to return to duty?
8/10/15 What does same sex marriage mean for domestic partnerships?
8/10/15 Michael Moore's views include an opinion on South Carolina's flag
8/31/15 How concerned should the public be about prison escapes in the United States?
8/31/15 Is Scott Walker a realistic presidential candidate?
9/14/15 Where do we put everyone if we close Guantanamo?
9/14/15 Do you find the humor in these dumb criminals?
9/28/15 Who is spying on Americans?
9/28/15 Are we comfortable with Iran's nuclear program?
10/12/15 Is my information private on Twitter?
10/12/15 Will California's water crisis affect the rest of the US?
10/12/15 Why was the Kentucky clerk so upset about the marriage licenses?
11/5/15 Would it be a good thing for Wisconsin to have online voter registration?
11/12/15 Skepticism with children gives a bad impression
11/17/15 What regulations are there for exotic pets?
11/24/15 What is the solution to violence on college campuses?
12/2/15 Why did China change their policy on one child per family?
12/9/15 How much is our government watching us?
12/17/15 Will we see flying cars soon?
1/5/16 Does this make you want to research the ocean?
1/12/16 Should you purchase items from an infomercial?
1/19/16 Carlos Gamino looks at Alabama's use of the death penalty
2/2/16 How much longer will we have to wait for self driving cars?
2/3/16 Should the federal government limit tanning beds?
2/3/16 Who is taking care of the victims of the gas leak in LA?
2/16/16 Will there be a stadium for the 2020 olympics in Japan?
2/16/16 Should Americans be worried about the Zika virus?
3/1/16 Would you want to punch Martin Shkreli if you saw him?
3/1/16 What are the consequences to being part of an independent militia?
3/15/16 Will President Obama get to appoint a new Supreme Court justice?
3/15/16 What protection do you have if you are a pedestrian injured by a motorist in China?
4/1/16 Why would you give a gun to a toddler?
4/1/16 Are some kinds of marijuana more potent than others?
4/15/16 How often do police coerce statements?
4/15/16 How safe is Uber?
5/2/16 Why are we worrying about where people go to the bathroom?
5/2/16 Do colleges have a problem with safety for women?
5/16/16 How much leeway should someone get for suffering from affluenza?
5/26/16 Does campaign finance influence voter rights?
6/1/16  Whole Foods and the Great Gay Slur of 2016… Never Happened
6/1/16  ISIS Cells in the U.S.: Families of Recruits Speak Out
6/15/16  Transgendered Bathroom Issues Across the Country
6/15/16 Iranian Models Jailed for “Un-Islamic” Photos on Instagram
7/1/16 Should Americans Be Allowed to Own “Assault Rifles”?
7/1/16 The 8-Member Supreme Court: A Crippled Elephant?
7/15/16 Coffee and Cancer: What’s the Real Truth Behind the WHO’s Statement?
7/15/16 Stanford Rapist Sentenced to Just 6 Months Behind Bars
8/1/16 Criminal Justice Reform and Family Values
8/1/16 Police Use Robot to Kill Shooter Without Due Process
8/15/16 Brexit: What You Need (or Want) to Know
8/15/16 Who Can Spy on You Through Pokémon Go?
9/7/16 Finalists Made it in Google’s Science Fair
9/7/16 Shopping for a Lawyer? Here are 6 Great Gifts
9/7/16 Should Lawyers Worry About “Healthy Workspaces”? Yes – Here’s Why
9/7/16 Positive News From Albuquerque: How the City is Addressing its Homelessness Problem
10/3/16 Is Martin Shkreli Losing It?
10/3/16 How Do People Find Good Assistants?
10/3/16 Is Shared Office Space Right for Your Law Firm?
10/3/16  Should Kaepernick Stand Up During the National Anthem?
11/1/16 The Quality of Education in the U.S.
11/1/16  “Weird” News is Becoming a Little Too Commonplace
11/1/16  “Is There a Doctor On Board? No – a White One.”
11/1/16 Surprise! You Can Get Into Trouble for Posting Election Day Selfies
12/2/16 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Halts Dakota Access Pipeline
12/2/16 Ancient Stone Tablet Containing the Ten Commandments Goes Up for Auction
12/2/16 Uniforms in Public Schools: Great Idea or Terrible Waste?
12/2/16 Why Lawyers Should Be Especially Grateful on Thanksgiving
1/4/17 Nitrates Cause Asthma? New Study Says Yes
1/4/17 New York Cop, Nicholas Tartaglione, Accused of Conspiracy and Murder
1/4/17 What Trump’s Promise to “Drain the Swamp” Looks Like in Action
1/4/17 Obama Forbids Arctic Drilling Indefinitely
2/1/17 Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launched Another Rocket, and it Landed!
2/1/17 Great Vacations for Lawyers: Combine CLE and R&R
2/1/17 Replacing Obamacare: Is Reaching Across the Aisle Possible?
2/1/17 What Happens if the Bees Go Extinct?
3/1/17  Designer Humans: A Whole New Level of Genetics
3/1/17 The Meth Monk: Why One Buddhist Stashed $4M in Meth in a Monastery
3/1/17 Why Did Michael Flynn Resign as National Security Adviser?
3/1/17 Dognapping: Why Are People Stealing Dogs All Over the Country?
4/1/17 The “Fake Weed” Epidemic Sweeping the Country
4/1/17 Zika Virus Prevents Florida Sperm Donors From Contributing to the Gene Pool
4/1/17 SpaceX Promises to Fly Two People to the Moon by 2018
4/1/17 WikiLeaks Spills Info on CIA Spying Through Vault 7
5/1/17 Why Did the U.S. Drop the MOAB on Afghanistan?
5/1/17 Tons of Flip-Flops Wash Up on African Beaches Every Year
5/1/17 What Happened to Dr. Dao on United Airlines?
5/1/17 Student Debt is Skyrocketing, and Betsy DeVos Wants it to Keep Growing
6/1/17 It IS Possible to OD on Caffeine, Experts Say After SC Teen Dies
6/1/17 Sea Monsters Washing Up in Indonesia: What Are We Really Looking At?
6/1/17 University Hazing: Does it Stop at Penn State?
6/1/17 Trump’s Line in the Sand Drawn at Law Enforcement Officers
6/1/17 Rats and Coffee: What Could Go Wrong?
6/1/17 Gun Shop Sued for Selling Gun to Mentally Ill Woman
6/1/17 Moon Dust Costs $4 Million – Are You In?
6/1/17 Nature’s Justice? Elephant Kills Big Game Hunter
8/1/17 Moon Express is Building a Fleet of Moon-Mining Vehicles
8/1/17 Don’t Use Your Phone in the Tub… Seriously
8/1/17 “Too Intoxicated” to Fly: Anheuser-Busch CEO Busted
8/1/17 Scientists Say a Mass Extinction is Right Around the Corner
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