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3/9/14 Fleeing an officer - Is there liability on the part of the police?
3/12/14 Three things you need to know about arson in Wisconsin
3/14/14 Tips when facing a Wisconsin drug charge
3/16/14 What happens if someone gets a restraining order against me?
3/22/14 Finding a good Wisconsin child support lawyer in Milwaukee
3/25/14 How to protect yourself from identity theft charges
3/27/14 Madison crime lab approved for expansion - what does this mean for suspects?
4/1/14 Three things a lawyer won't tell you
​4/3/14 Will my reputation be hurt if I go to court?
4/8/14 How do I fix my reputation if I've been convicted of a crime?
4/10/14 Attorney wins back your license 
4/15/14 Tips to help your lawyer win your case
4/17/14 Talking to kids when a parent has been convicted of a crime
4/22/14 Tips for parenting alone while the other parent is in jail
4/29/14 Attorney Carlos Gamino talks about the lawyer accused of having a sexual relationship with a client
5/6/14 Texting while driving - the dangers from a lawyer's perspective
5/13/14 Carlos Gamino discusses Wisconsin sexual assault charges
5/20/14 What should you do if your child is held in juvenile detention
6/3/14 3 Things you need to know about Milwaukee battery charges
6/5/14 What constitutes disorderly conduct in Wisconsin?
6/6/14 Charged with stealing a car in Milwaukee
6/10/14 Why would you create a photo trail of your own crime?
6/17/14 Charged with resisting arrest  in Wisconsin
6/24/14 Why court is like a baseball game
7/1/14 Q & A on practicing criminal law in the Milwaukee metro area
7/3/14 Q & A on juvenile delinquency cases in Milwaukee, WI
7/8/14 Q & A on criminal trespassing offenses
7/10/14 Q & A on double jeopardy
7/15/14 Q & A on entrapment
7/17/14 Q & A on Wisconsin criminal traffic & driving offenses
7/22/14 Q & A on computer crimes in WI
7/24/14 Q & A on WI marijuana laws with Attorney Carlos A. Gamino
8/12/14 Eating 101 - food for lawyers on the go
8/19/14 Police powers and social discontent
8/25/14 Common core curriculum for WI education
8/29/14 Business choices: wise judgment or unjustified?
9/2/14 The right to carry & bear arms in WI
9/9/14 Can lawyers be more productive?
9/16/14 What does it take for a teacher to lose a license in WI?
9/23/14 Why would police need to use a Taser on a kid?
10/7/14 Cost of incarceration in the US
10/14/14 Can discipline in the workplace be a form of harassment?
10/21/14 Attorney Carlos Gamino discusses criminal charges and endangered animals
10/30/14 Open records, criminal records, and your privacy
11/7/14 Do you still worry about Ebola spreading in the United States?
11/11/14 Right to guns and background checks
11/19/14 What happens when you lose a professional license? 
11/25/14  Carlos A. Gamino explains the office of lawyer regulation system
11/26/14 Discrimination, racial profiling, and Ferguson, MO
12/2/14 Should WI increase the minimum wage for workers?
12/9/14 Carlos Gamino discusses the controversial topic of schools offering medical treatment
1/21/15 Knives as religious items or weapons when it comes to public school laws
2/5/15 Freedom of speech on internet?
2/11/15 Why do some people lose their license?
2/17/15 How does Charlie Hebdo affect our rights to freedom of speech?
2/23/15 Investigating insurance rates
3/2/15 Funny things people sometimes do when committing a crime
3/9/15 Who should go to Mars?
3/16/15 What do we think about using social media while incarcerated?
3/23/14 Continuing thoughts on Common Core
3/30/15 Wacky Wisconsin stories in the news
3/30/15 Where are the girls who left to join ISIS?
4/13/15 Is our government honest?
4/13/15 Combating homelessness in the US
4/20/15 Would you climb the Falls?
4/20/15 What changes will occur with WI Right to Work legislation?
4/27/15 What is Right to Work all about?
5/1/15 Court... What are these people saying?
5/10/15 How often are lawyers disciplined for bad behavior?
5/18/15 When things go wrong in the military...  what leads to desertion and criminal charges?
5/25/15 Getting to the truth or invasive police action - are body cams a good thing or not?
6/2/15 Do Americans Still Believe in the Death Penalty?
6/8/15 Voluntary confession caught on camera - the Robert Durst story...
6/14/15 Do reserve police officers receive sufficient training?
6/23/15 Are kids protected when they are sent to juvenile detention?
6/2815 What can happen when children are taken across the border?
7/5/15 How much can celebrities influence the public policy?
7/13/15 Why would police be militarized in the United States?
7/20/15 Should Officer Kenny be allowed to return to duty?
8/10/15 What does same sex marriage mean for domestic partnerships?
8/10/15 Michael Moore's views include an opinion on South Carolina's flag
8/31/15 How concerned should the public be about prison escapes in the United States?
8/31/15 Is Scott Walker a realistic presidential candidate?
9/14/15 Where do we put everyone if we close Guantanamo?
9/14/15 Do you find the humor in these dumb criminals?
9/28/15 Who is spying on Americans?
9/28/15 Are we comfortable with Iran's nuclear program?
10/12/15 Is my information private on Twitter?
10/12/15 Will California's water crisis affect the rest of the US?
10/12/15 Why was the Kentucky clerk so upset about the marriage licenses?
11/5/15 Would it be a good thing for Wisconsin to have online voter registration?
11/12/15 Skepticism with children gives a bad impression
11/17/15 What regulations are there for exotic pets?
11/24/15 What is the solution to violence on college campuses?
12/2/15 Why did China change their policy on one child per family?
12/9/15 How much is our government watching us?
12/17/15 Will we see flying cars soon?
1/5/16 Does this make you want to research the ocean?
1/12/16 Should you purchase items from an infomercial?
1/19/16 Carlos Gamino looks at Alabama's use of the death penalty
2/2/16 How much longer will we have to wait for self driving cars?
2/3/16 Should the federal government limit tanning beds?
2/3/16 Who is taking care of the victims of the gas leak in LA?
2/16/16 Will there be a stadium for the 2020 olympics in Japan?
2/16/16 Should Americans be worried about the Zika virus?
3/1/16 Would you want to punch Martin Shkreli if you saw him?
3/1/16 What are the consequences to being part of an independent militia?
3/15/16 Will President Obama get to appoint a new Supreme Court justice?
3/15/16 What protection do you have if you are a pedestrian injured by a motorist in China?
4/1/16 Why would you give a gun to a toddler?
4/1/16 Are some kinds of marijuana more potent than others?
4/15/16 How often do police coerce statements?
4/15/16 How safe is Uber?
5/2/16 Why are we worrying about where people go to the bathroom?
5/2/16 Do colleges have a problem with safety for women?
5/16/16 How much leeway should someone get for suffering from affluenza?
5/26/16 Does campaign finance influence voter rights?
6/1/16  Whole Foods and the Great Gay Slur of 2016… Never Happened
6/1/16  ISIS Cells in the U.S.: Families of Recruits Speak Out
6/15/16  Transgendered Bathroom Issues Across the Country
6/15/16 Iranian Models Jailed for “Un-Islamic” Photos on Instagram
7/1/16 Should Americans Be Allowed to Own “Assault Rifles”?
7/1/16 The 8-Member Supreme Court: A Crippled Elephant?
7/15/16 Coffee and Cancer: What’s the Real Truth Behind the WHO’s Statement?
7/15/16 Stanford Rapist Sentenced to Just 6 Months Behind Bars
8/1/16 Criminal Justice Reform and Family Values
8/1/16 Police Use Robot to Kill Shooter Without Due Process
8/15/16 Brexit: What You Need (or Want) to Know
8/15/16 Who Can Spy on You Through Pokémon Go?
9/7/16 Finalists Made it in Google’s Science Fair
9/7/16 Shopping for a Lawyer? Here are 6 Great Gifts
9/7/16 Should Lawyers Worry About “Healthy Workspaces”? Yes – Here’s Why
9/7/16 Positive News From Albuquerque: How the City is Addressing its Homelessness Problem
10/3/16 Is Martin Shkreli Losing It?
10/3/16 How Do People Find Good Assistants?
10/3/16 Is Shared Office Space Right for Your Law Firm?
10/3/16  Should Kaepernick Stand Up During the National Anthem?
11/1/16 The Quality of Education in the U.S.
11/1/16  “Weird” News is Becoming a Little Too Commonplace
11/1/16  “Is There a Doctor On Board? No – a White One.”
11/1/16 Surprise! You Can Get Into Trouble for Posting Election Day Selfies
12/2/16 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Halts Dakota Access Pipeline
12/2/16 Ancient Stone Tablet Containing the Ten Commandments Goes Up for Auction
12/2/16 Uniforms in Public Schools: Great Idea or Terrible Waste?
12/2/16 Why Lawyers Should Be Especially Grateful on Thanksgiving
1/4/17 Nitrates Cause Asthma? New Study Says Yes
1/4/17 New York Cop, Nicholas Tartaglione, Accused of Conspiracy and Murder
1/4/17 What Trump’s Promise to “Drain the Swamp” Looks Like in Action
1/4/17 Obama Forbids Arctic Drilling Indefinitely
2/1/17 Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launched Another Rocket, and it Landed!
2/1/17 Great Vacations for Lawyers: Combine CLE and R&R
2/1/17 Replacing Obamacare: Is Reaching Across the Aisle Possible?
2/1/17 What Happens if the Bees Go Extinct?
3/1/17  Designer Humans: A Whole New Level of Genetics
3/1/17 The Meth Monk: Why One Buddhist Stashed $4M in Meth in a Monastery
3/1/17 Why Did Michael Flynn Resign as National Security Adviser?
3/1/17 Dognapping: Why Are People Stealing Dogs All Over the Country?
4/1/17 The “Fake Weed” Epidemic Sweeping the Country
4/1/17 Zika Virus Prevents Florida Sperm Donors From Contributing to the Gene Pool
4/1/17 SpaceX Promises to Fly Two People to the Moon by 2018
4/1/17 WikiLeaks Spills Info on CIA Spying Through Vault 7
5/1/17 Why Did the U.S. Drop the MOAB on Afghanistan?
5/1/17 Tons of Flip-Flops Wash Up on African Beaches Every Year
5/1/17 What Happened to Dr. Dao on United Airlines?
5/1/17 Student Debt is Skyrocketing, and Betsy DeVos Wants it to Keep Growing
6/1/17 It IS Possible to OD on Caffeine, Experts Say After SC Teen Dies
6/1/17 Sea Monsters Washing Up in Indonesia: What Are We Really Looking At?
6/1/17 University Hazing: Does it Stop at Penn State?
6/1/17 Trump’s Line in the Sand Drawn at Law Enforcement Officers
6/1/17 Rats and Coffee: What Could Go Wrong?
6/1/17 Gun Shop Sued for Selling Gun to Mentally Ill Woman
6/1/17 Moon Dust Costs $4 Million – Are You In?
6/1/17 Nature’s Justice? Elephant Kills Big Game Hunter
8/1/17 Moon Express is Building a Fleet of Moon-Mining Vehicles
8/1/17 Don’t Use Your Phone in the Tub… Seriously
8/1/17 “Too Intoxicated” to Fly: Anheuser-Busch CEO Busted
8/1/17 Scientists Say a Mass Extinction is Right Around the Corner
9/1/17 Three Tombs Discovered in Egypt Estimated to Be 2,000 Years Old
9/1/17 5 Hilarious Dumb Criminal Mistakes
​9/1/17 U.S. Officials: North Korea Could Use Cyberattacks
​9/1/17 The Taliban’s Open Letter to President Trump
​Hepatitis Outbreak Linked to Restaurant in San Diego
Scientists Finish Experiment in Hawaii Simulating Life on Mars
What You Need to Know About North Korea’s Nuclear Program
St. Louis Cop Found “Not Guilty” in Murder of Anthony Lamar Smith
2-Year-Old Kidney Transplant Patient Denied in Georgia
China’s Space Station is Ready for Re-Entry – and It’s Going to Crash
Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer on Las Vegas (and Dan Bilzerian)
Motel 6: 20 People Deported to Mexico From February to August
Trump Expects Thank-You From Suspended UCLA Players
Genetics Leaps and Bounds: Man Has DNA Changed in His Own Body
Scientists Find Another Exoplanet That Could Sustain Human Life
3 Risky Prison Escapes That Succeeded
$846k Lost, UPS Offers $32 in Compensation
Google Releases Data on Top Searches of 2017
Interstellar Asteroid or Alien Craft? You Decide
“Passively Consuming” Facebook’s News Feed Makes You Sad
Florida Man Makes Written Threat to Kill on Child’s Homework
The Tide Pod Challenge: A Dangerous New Game
This is Not a Drill: The Hawaiian Inbound Missile Mishap
Wife Wins a Million, Then Husband Wins Another
What the Latest “Time Travellers” Have to Say
Starbucks Being Sued Over Alleged Blood in a Frappuccino
The Dickey Amendment: What You Need to Know
NASA Says 95 Planets Exist Beyond Our Solar System
Sister of Dylann Roof Charged With Carrying Weapons at School
Why Finland is the “World’s Happiest Country”
Students in Wisconsin Walk Out of School to Protest Gun Violence
Measles Outbreak in the U.S.: What You Need to Know
Alien Search 2018: What NASA’s TESS is Doing in Space
Sugary Drink Tax Cuts Soda Consumption in Philadelphia
New York Man Hospitalized by… a Chili Pepper
Retiree Stabs Burglar to Death in London
Icy Material Discovered on Europa
NASA’s Carbon Monitoring Plan Shut Down
“Deportation Bus Tour” by Georgia Sen. Michael Williams
Tesla in the News for Another Autopilot Crash
Citibank Fined for Manipulating Interest Rates
Medical Marijuana Growers Among Locals Who Refuse to Leave Volcano’s Path
Black Hole Eats Star While Scientists Watch
White House Staffers Leaving in Droves
Papa John’s Icon Resigns After Using Foul Word
Got $200k? You Could Hitch a Ride to Space
Giant Hogweed Burns Teen, and it Could Happen in Wisconsin, Too
Ireland’s Drought Reveals Ancient Henge
Controversial Omarosa’s Stunning Claims About the Trump Administration
Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj’s Body Found in Terror Camp in New Mexico
Banks Are Being Warned by the FBI About Impending ATM Scam
Fentanyl Used in Nebraska Lethal Injection Cocktail
Insurers Refusing to Pay for OxyContin Prescriptions
FDA Addresses Nicotine Addiction Epidemic Due to e-Cigarettes
The Straight Answer on Social Security
Newcastle University Discovers 3 New Species of Fish 5 Miles Down
The FDA Flagged Almost 800 Supplements – Here’s Why
Should You Let Facebook Hacks Deter You From Using Social Media?
Police Increasingly Solving Cases With Ancestry DNA Testing
Former Firefighter Shoots at Teenager Asking for Directions
Couple Who Started GoFundMe Campaign Charged
Powerball Winner From Iowa Donates $500k to Veterans
Is the FDA Going to Ban Menthol Cigarettes?
Could Wisconsin Switch to Ranked-Choice Voting?
Honeybees Conducting Scientific Research by Wearing Tiny Backpacks
Poland’s Climate Summit Doesn’t Show the U.S. in its Best Light 
Firearm Deaths at 40-Year High, According to CDC
Canadian Miners Find North America’s Largest-Ever Diamond
Jayme Closs Found – Here’s What Authorities Know
China Sprouts First Successful Cotton Seed on the Moon
Is it Time to Ditch Screen-Time Rules?
Second-Largest, Second-Deadliest Ebola Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Colorado Jogger Fights off Mountain Lion, Saving His Own Life
Diet Soda Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke and Early Death
Multibillion-Dollar Fine in the Works for Facebook
Low Vaccination Rates and Global Outbreaks Causing U.S. Measles Outbreaks
States Look at Vaccine Exemptions During Massive Measles Outbreaks
Scientists Clear Harmful Proteins From the Brains of Alzheimer’s Mice
The College Bribery Scandal: What You Need to Know
Is the U.S. Closing USCIS Field Offices Overseas?
​Chicago Wants to Recoup Losses by Suing Jussie Smollett
Chick-fil-A Blocked From Opening in Some Airports
Research Shows That Bad Diets Are More Deadly Than Smoking
USDA Rolls Back School Nutritional Standards, Gets Sued
The U.S.’s Refusal to Sign an International Agreement on Online Extremism
California Couple Fined Nearly $600,000 for Uprooting 180-Year-Old Oak Tree
No More Robocalls? Not if the FCC Has Its Way
Jury Awards $2 Billion in Roundup Weed Killer Suit
Fecal Transplants Could Be Dangerous 
Seven Americans Die in the Dominican Republic This Year 
New Netflix Show Tricks Unemployed People, Critics Call it “Cruel”
Tariff Threats: Retailers Want Them to Stop
Mars Could Sustain Life – Under Frozen Smoke
Meth Gators: The Horrifying Reality of Flushing Your Drugs
1.2 Million People Plan to “Invade” Area 51
The Murder of Bianca Devins: It’s On Instagram
Mt. Everest Climbers Face New Rules After Deadly Climbing Season
Wanted Fugitive Lives 3 Years in Bunker in Ringle, Wisconsin 
DHS Says Wisconsin Opioid Deaths Are Down
Dozens of Teens Hospitalized With “Severe Lung Injury” From Vaping
Beto O’Rourke Gets Alleged Death Threats for Wanting to Take AR-15s
Woman Sues, Settles Over Donor Sperm
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