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Lawsuit Over Autistic Children From Sperm Donor Settles for $250,000Articles:
3/9/14 Fleeing an officer - Is there liability on the part of the police?
3/12/14 Three things you need to know about arson in Wisconsin
3/14/14 Tips when facing a Wisconsin drug charge
3/16/14 What happens if someone gets a restraining order against me?
3/22/14 Finding a good Wisconsin child support lawyer in Milwaukee
3/25/14 How to protect yourself from identity theft charges
3/27/14 Madison crime lab approved for expansion - what does this mean for suspects?
4/1/14 Three things a lawyer won't tell you
​4/3/14 Will my reputation be hurt if I go to court?
4/8/14 How do I fix my reputation if I've been convicted of a crime?
4/10/14 Attorney wins back your license 
4/15/14 Tips to help your lawyer win your case
4/17/14 Talking to kids when a parent has been convicted of a crime
4/22/14 Tips for parenting alone while the other parent is in jail
4/29/14 Attorney Carlos Gamino talks about the lawyer accused of having a sexual relationship with a client
5/6/14 Texting while driving - the dangers from a lawyer's perspective
5/13/14 Carlos Gamino discusses Wisconsin sexual assault charges
5/20/14 What should you do if your child is held in juvenile detention
6/3/14 3 Things you need to know about Milwaukee battery charges
6/5/14 What constitutes disorderly conduct in Wisconsin?
6/6/14 Charged with stealing a car in Milwaukee
6/10/14 Why would you create a photo trail of your own crime?
6/17/14 Charged with resisting arrest  in Wisconsin
6/24/14 Why court is like a baseball game
7/1/14 Q & A on practicing criminal law in the Milwaukee metro area
7/3/14 Q & A on juvenile delinquency cases in Milwaukee, WI
7/8/14 Q & A on criminal trespassing offenses
7/10/14 Q & A on double jeopardy
7/15/14 Q & A on entrapment
7/17/14 Q & A on Wisconsin criminal traffic & driving offenses
7/22/14 Q & A on computer crimes in WI
7/24/14 Q & A on WI marijuana laws with Attorney Carlos A. Gamino
8/12/14 Eating 101 - food for lawyers on the go
8/19/14 Police powers and social discontent
8/25/14 Common core curriculum for WI education
8/29/14 Business choices: wise judgment or unjustified?
9/2/14 What is the right to carry and bear arms all about?
9/9/14 Attorney Carlos' Gamino's productivity tips for lawyers 
9/16/14 Regulation of Teacher's Licenses in Wisconsin
9/23/14 Why would police officers use a Taser on a child?
10/7/14 Who pays for prison in the US and what is the cost?
10/14/14 Was your workplace discipline legal?
10/21/14 Animal activists and the law
10/30/14 Who can find out about your criminal record in Wisconsin?
11/7/14 Who needs to worry about Ebola in the US still?
11/11/14 Do background checks on gun sales impinge on the right to carry and bear arms?
11/19/14 Implications when facing the loss of a professional license
11/25/14 Attorney Carlos A. Gamino discusses the Office of Lawyer Regulation
11/26/14 What's going on in Ferguson, MO and what does it say about discrimination in the US?
12/2/14 Carlos A. Gamino talks about Wisconsin's continuing labor issues
12/9/14 Carlos Gamino's thoughts on whether schools should provide medical treatment to students
1/21/15 Weapons and religious rights in school
2/5/15 Who controls what you see on the internet?
2/11/15 What happens when you lose your license?
2/17/15 Do the Charlie Hebdo homicides affect our freedom of speech in the United States?
2/23/15 How do you know if your insurance rates are set fairly?
3/2/15 People behaving badly: do you appreciate the humor?
3/9/15 Would you be willing to go to Mars?
3/16/15 Is social media allowed in prison?
3/23/15 Opinions on Common Core curriculum in Wisconsin
3/30/15 Did you hear the one about the guy who....
3/30/15 What would make kids join radical religious fighters?
4/13/15 What do you think about corruption in government?
4/13/15 Finding solutions to homelessness in the US
4/20/15 What happens if you try to climb Niagara Falls?
4/27/15 Is right to work legislation a good thing, or a bad thing, for  Wisconsin?
5/1/15 What do all these legal words mean?
5/10/15 Why would a lawyer be disciplined?
5/18/15 Stress for soldiers and the risk of criminal convictions in military court for desertion
5/25/15 Is it a good idea for police to wear body cams on their uniforms?
6/2/15 Is the death penalty still approved by the American public or around the world?
6/8/15 You have the right to remain silent, so don't confess on camera!
6/14/15 Can reserve police officers be entrusted with the judgement needed for good police work?
6/23/15 Are kids safe when they are sent to juvenile detention facilities?
6/28/15 Nightmares at international borders involving children
7/5/15 How much do celebrities influence public opinion and debate on issues affecting the US
7/13/15 How do people in the U.S. feel about militarized police?
7/20/15 Should police involved in shootings return to duty when public is upset?  
8/10/15 Will domestic partnership benefits be affected by same sex marriage laws?
8/10/15 Protesters, bail money, and South Carolina's confederate flag
8/31/15 Will Scott Walker of Wisconsin be president of the United States?
8/31/15 Examining the security of U.S. penal system
9/14/15 Can we ever really close Guantanamo?
9/14/15 Some crimes and criminals are funny
9/28/15 How much does the government really know about Americans?
9/28/15 Should we be worried about Iran's nuclear program?
10/12/15 How safe is your private information on Twitter?
10/12/15 Does the California water crisis raise concerns for the rest of us?
10/12/15 Love, sex, and marriage in Kentucky...
11/5/15 How does online voter registration affect the voter ID issue?
11/12/15 Questioning the motive of a child based on his religion makes us all look bad!
11/17/15 Are there regulations on exotic pets in Wisconsin?
11/24/15 Would allowing guns on Wisconsin college campuses reduce violence?
12/2/15 How much will China's new policy on children affect Chinese families?
12/9/15 Are you comfortable with the government watching US citizens?
12/17/15 How much longer do we have to wait for flying cars?
12/25/15 Who decides how much to charge for medication?
1/5/16 What are we going to find when we explore the ocean?
1/12/16 Should you believe the information in an infomercial?
1/19/16 Death penalty pros and cons - a look at Alabama's use of the punishment
2/2/16 What can I get a self driving car?
2/3/16 Should the government restrict the use of tanning beds?
2/3/16 What will be the long term effects from the gas leak in California?
2/15/16 Will the Zika virus cause problems in the United States?
2/15/16 Is Japan behind schedule to finish the Olympic Stadium?
3/1/16 Are some faces more punchable than others?
3/1/16 Did the community support the Oregon militia members?
3/15/16 Do China's liability laws make it more likely for a pedestrian to be killed in an accident?
3/15/16 How long will it take to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court?
4/1/16 Is it a crime to give a gun to a 4 year old?
4/1/16 Are some kinds of marijuana more dangerous than others?
4/15/16 Why did Uber have to pay millions?
4/15/16 Is it common for police officers to coerce statements?
5/2/16 What will it take to make women safer on college campuses?
5/2/16 Who should decide the bathroom issue?
5/16/16 Are voters rights affected by corrupt campaign finance?
5/16/16 Should you get a "pass" on your actions if you suffer from affluenza?
6/1/16 Americans who join ISIS - What is the real threat?
6/1/16 Did love win at Whole Foods after all?
6/15/16 Models in Iran jailed over Instagram pictures
6/15/16 Issues resulting from transgendered bathroom in the U.S.
7/1/16 What You Need to Know About the 8-Member SCOTUS
7/1/16 Assault Rifles and John Q. Public: The Debate Rages On
7/15/16 Was someone really sentenced to 6 months in jail for a rape?
7/15/16 Hot coffee can't really cause cancer, can it?
8/1/16 Meaningful Criminal Justice Reform Accounts for Family Values
8/1/16 Is it Constitutional to Use a Robot to Kill U.S. Citizens?
8/15/16 Basic facts about Brexit
8/15/16 Does Pokemon Go allow the government to spy on us?
9/7/16 Homeless in Albuquerque? The Mayor Has Something to Tell You
9/7/16 Smart Kids, Great Innovations: About Google’s Science Fair
9/7/16 6 Great Gifts for Attorneys
9/7/16 Keeping Your Legal Office Space Healthy
10/3/16 Is Kaepernick a National Hero or National Zero?
10/3/16 Shkreli’s Attempts to Troll Presidential Candidates and Comedians
10/3/16 Do You Need an Assistant?
10/3/16 Lawyers and Shared Offices: What’s Right for You?
11/1/16 Public Education in the U.S.: How Do We Stack Up?
11/1/16 Check Out the Weirdest Headlines of October 2016
11/1/16 Disrespecting Doctors Mid-Air: How Delta Made the News
11/1/16 Taking a Selfie at the Polls Could Carry Big Penalties
12/2/16 What You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline
12/2/16 Rabbi Sells Stone Tablet Containing Ten Commandments
12/2/16 Do School Uniforms Improve Student Performance?
12/2/16 3 Great Reasons for Lawyers to Be Thankful This Year
1/4/17 Should You Stop Eating Processed Meats?
1/4/17 Crooked Cop, 4 Deaths: What Happened With Nicholas Tartaglione
1/4/17 Trump Promised to “Drain the Swamp,” but Opponents Say He’s Filling It
1/4/17 Drilling in the Arctic? Not Under Obama’s Watch
2/1/17 Is SpaceX Back on Track?
2/1/17 Vacationing as a Lawyer: Do CLE and R&R Together
2/1/17 Can Democrats and Republicans Work Together to Replace the ACA?
2/1/17 U.S. Bees Listed as “Endangered Species”
3/1/17 Could You Change Your Genes?
3/1/17 Buddhist Monk Caught With $4M in Meth
3/1/17 Why Flynn Resigned From His Post as National Security Adviser
3/1/17 Petnapping: Why is There a Surge in Dog Theft in North America?
4/1/17 Teenagers Using Dangerous “Fake Weed”
4/1/17 Zika Virus Puts the Kibosh on Florida Sperm Donation
4/1/17 SpaceX’s Falcon Rocket Headed for the Moon… With Two Passengers
4/1/17 What is WikiLeaks’ Vault 7?
5/1/17 Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb Ever Used in Afghanistan
5/1/17 Why Flip-Flops Could Be Destroying the Ocean
5/1/17 David Dao, Dragged From United Airlines Flight, Contemplates Lawsuit
5/1/17 300-Word DeVos Memo Demolishes Student Borrower Protection
6/1/17 Energy Drinks, Coffee, and Soda Can Lead to Deadly Caffeine Overdose
6/1/17 Are Monsters of the Deep Washing Up on Shore in Indonesia?
6/1/17 Teen Killed in Another Fraternity Hazing in Mid-May
6/1/17 Trump Promises to Protect Law Enforcement Officers
6/1/17 If You’re a Rich Space Geek, You Can Buy a Bag of Moon Dust
6/1/17 Woman Kills Her Father, Mother Sues Gun Shop
6/1/17 Having Rats and Latte: San Fran’s Rat Café
6/1/17 Felled Elephant Crushes Big Game Hunter Theunis Botha
8/1/17 The MX-1E Robotic Lander: Ready to Mine the Moon
8/1/17 Teen Electrocuted By Using Phone in the Tub
8/1/17 Former Anheuser-Busch CEO Found in Helicopter, “Too Intoxicated” to Fly
8/1/17 Mass Extinction Threatens Earth, According to Scientists
9/1/17 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Tombs Discovered
9/1/17 Oops – Dumb Criminal Mistakes That Only Experts Could Pull Off
​9/1/17 Cyberattacks From North Korea: What You Need to Know
​9/1/17 Taliban Asks President Trump to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan
​San Diego’s Hepatitis Outbreak Linked to Restaurant
Living on Mars: Scientists Study the Psychological Effects
Kim Jong-un Vows to Reach N. Korean Nuclear Goals
STL Cop Shoots, Kills Suspect – And is Found “Not Guilty”
Toddler Denied Kidney Transplant Because His Father Violated Parole
Tiangong-1 On a Crash-Course Toward Earth
Medal of Honor Recipient Clashes With SEAL Washout
Motel 6 Gave Guest Lists to ICE – and Here’s What Happened
Brian Madeux: First Man to Have Genes Edited Inside His Body
Ross 128b: The Planet That Could Be the Next Earth
3 Big Prison Breaks That Worked
UCLA Players Shoplifted in China and Trump Got Them Off the Hook
UPS Refunds $32 Shipping Fee After Losing Man’s $846k Inheritance
Google’s Most Popular Searches of 2017
Could the Huge Object Passing Earth Be an Alien Spacecraft?
Scrolling Through Facebook Without Commenting May Make You Depressed, Study Says
Drawing a School Shooting Lands Florida Man in Jail
Teens and Tide Pods: You Won’t Believe What They’re Doing
Hawaiians Warned of Incoming Missile by Mistake
The World’s Luckiest Couple Wins $2 Million… Separately
3 People Who Say They’re Time Travellers
Woman Sues Starbucks, Claiming Frappuccino Was Tainted by Blood
How the Dickey Amendment Affects the CDC
Kepler Discovers 95 New Planets
Mass Murderer Dylann Roof’s Sister Hit With Weapons Charges
Finland Named “World’s Happiest Country”
Thousands of Students Walk Out of Wisconsin Schools in National Gun Protest
What You Need to Know About the Recent U.S. Measles Cases
Alien Search 2018: What NASA’s TESS is Doing in Space
London Retiree Stabs Burglar to Death in His Home
The “Carolina Reaper” Chili Pepper Hospitalizes Man in NY
Sugary Drink Tax Slashes Philadelphia’s Soda Consumption
Europa May Have an Ocean – But Does it Hold Life?
Tesla Autopilot Feature Under Fire… Again
No More Carbon Monitoring, Says NASA
Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Runs “Deportation Bus Tour”
White House: Job Fairs and Hiring Frenzies
Scientists Watch Black Hole Eat Star
Citibank Paying Huge Fine for Manipulating Interest Rates
Evacuations in Hawaii – Pot Growers Won’t Go
What is the Giant Hogweed? (And Why You Need to Know)
Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Says a Trip to Space Will Cost $200k
Ancient Henge Discovered by Drone in Ireland
Papa John’s Founder Nabbed for Racist Word
Impending ATM Scam: Banks Are Being Warned by the FBI
Omarosa Manigault Newman’s Slow Leak of Recorded Conversations
First Inmate Put to Death With Fentanyl in Nebraska
Jihadist Training Camp Discovered in Taos, NM
What’s Happening to Social Security?
Some Insurers Are Refusing to Pay for OxyContin Prescriptions
Researchers Find 3 New Species 5 Miles Below the Pacific’s Surface
FDA Sends Warning Letters to 1,300 Retailers of e-Cigarettes
Facebook Hack #2: More Details Come Out
Ancestry DNA Helps Police Find Anyone – Even if They Never Tested
Former Firefighter Fires Gun at Teen Asking for Directions
FDA Warns That Supplements May Contain Dangerous Drugs
Ranked-Choice Voting: Is It Coming to Wisconsin?
Will the FDA Ban Menthol Cigarettes to Stop Teen Smoking?
Powerball Winner Helps Veterans With $500k Donation
Homeless Man and Couple Charged in GoFundMe Scam 
CDC Stats Say U.S. Gun Deaths Are at 40-Year High
Researchers Put High-Tech Backpacks on Bees
Largest Diamond Ever Found in North America Unearthed
Tougher Rules for Those Participating in Climate Change Agreement
Here’s What Happened to Jayme Closs
Cotton on the Moon: China Sprouts First Successful Seed
Why Some Experts Are Saying You Should Ditch Screen-Time Rules
What You Need to Know About the Ebola Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Artificially Sweetened Drinks Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke and Early Death
Opting Out of Vaccines Causing U.S. Measles Outbreaks, Authorities Say
Runner vs. Mountain Lion: What Happened in Colorado 
The FTC is About to Slap Facebook With a Multibillion-Dollar Fine
Massive Measles Outbreaks in the U.S. Causing Debate Over Vaccines
Celebrities, the Wealthy and the Latest College Bribery Scandal
The U.S.’s Plan to Close USCIS Field Offices Abroad
Scientists Clear Up Brains of Mice With Alzheimer’s Disease-Like Conditions
Chicago Preparing to Sue Actor Jussie Smollett
6 States and D.C. Suing USDA Over School Nutritional Standards
A Bad Diet is Deadlier Than Smoking or High Blood Pressure
Why Are Airports Banning Chick-fil-A?
FCC Requests Phone Companies Start Blocking Robocalls
Sonoma County, CA: Couple Fined Nearly $600,000 for Uprooting Ancient Oak Tree
Couple Wins $2 Billion in Roundup Lawsuit
U.S. Refusal to Sign International Agreement on Online Extremism
Former “Stranger Things” Star Hosting What Critics Call a Cruel, Horrifying Show
More than 600 Retailers Ask the President to Stop Tariff Threats
U.S. Government Warns Against Fecal Transplants
Seven Americans Die in the Dominican Republic This Year 
​Violent, Graphic Images Are Hard to Police, According to Social Media Giants
Don’t Flush Your Drugs, Officials Warn – You’ll Create Meth Gators
Viral Area 51 “Raid” Gets Air Force Involved
Mars and Frozen Smoke: Could Humans Survive?
Wisconsin Opioid Deaths Are Lower This Year
Vaping Hospitalizes Teens with “Severe Lung Injuries”
Deadly Climbing Season at Mt. Everest Prompts New Rules for Climbers
Lawsuit Over Autistic Children From Sperm Donor Settles for $250,000
How a Wisconsin Fugitive Survived in a Bunker for Over 3 Years
Does Beto O’Rourke Want to Take “Assault Rifles”?