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Beaver Dam couple brought in to a local McD’s in February.

But that’s far from the strangest thing that police have been called to investigate in the Badger State over the past year. 

Some calls the police receive would be funny if they didn’t involve crime, such as the case of a Lake Hallie man who tried to return a printer to Walmart. He didn’t have a receipt, so Walmart employees wouldn’t take it. When the police showed up, the customer service reps showed them what they’d found on the screen: two counterfeit $100 bills printed on a sheet of paper.

Police nabbed a man who earned his sixth DUI in Marathon County wearing a Breathalyzer tee, but it wasn’t an ad for the company; it was a non-family friendly suggestion about taking a bootleg breath test.

The unfortunate team of cops that had to deal with a mysterious envelope sent to the Capitol weren’t too thrilled about a 2012 call they received. Apparently a mining advocate sent Senator Lena Taylor a package of something that belonged in the city’s sewer system, not its most hallowed halls.

Careening through Jackson at several inches per hour, a drunken man was pulled over for driving his lawn mower on a public street—and he actually tried to wave the squad car (and its flashing lights) around him on the road.

What are the funniest crime stories you’ve read? We know there are dozens of them out there. Leave a comment here or head over to my Facebook page to have your say!

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You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up
By Carlos Gamino

Nobody in their right mind would try to bring a pet dog into a McDonald’s restaurant, right? Sure, there’s room for service dogs—but an ordinary pet doesn’t have any place in a fast-food establishment. Neither does an extraordinary pet, like the kangaroo that a
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You Just Can't Make this Stuff Up!

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