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​An anti-drug task force in Yangon, the city where the renegade monk was caught, busted him with about 400,000 meth pills and roughly $769 (that’s a million kyats) in his car. The task force headed to his monastery next, where they found a whopping 4.2 million pills, a grenade, and some ammunition.

What kind of monk has $4 million in pills stored with weapons?

Some Background on Burma

Myanmar—or as you may know it, Burma—is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia that shares its borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and Thailand.

It’s also a major producer of the world’s methamphetamine. It’s often made in Burma and smuggled from the northeast part of the country into neighboring countries.

What’s Going to Happen to the Meth Monk?

"This is not a normal case, and when we were informed that the monk was arrested, we were all shocked," said Kyaw Mya Win, a township police officer.

Although they were shocked, authorities took the monk to jail, where he’s sitting to await trial.

The director general of Myanmar’s Religious Affairs Ministry, Soe Min Tun, agreed that it was a little shocking for a monk to be caught with these illicit drugs.

"It is not a very common case, but not impossible to happen. What will happen to the monk is that he will have to give up his monkhood right away and face trial as an ordinary person," said Soe Min Tun.

What Do You Think?

Do you think these types of cases are more common than we’ll ever hear about on the news? Are you a little surprised (like me) that a monk was caught with such a staggering amount of methamphetamine?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to share them with me on  my Facebook page or on Twitter.

Carlos Gamino

Monk Caught With $4M in Meth - Carlos Gamino
By Carlos Gamino 

In Myanmar, a Buddhist monk was caught with a $4 million stash of methamphetamine pills—and he was arrested after someone tipped off authorities that he had a big stash.
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