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​Man Steals Police Cruiser, Drives Himself to Hospital

A man in Clovis, New Mexico was strolling down a state road waiting for the police to arrive and help him; he claimed he had been poisoned. The police arrived, he spoke with them for a few moments, and then wandered out into traffic. Officers approached him and before they could stop him, he jumped into the driver’s seat of a squad car and took off.

Oh, and he was completely naked during the entire incident.

He drove himself to the hospital, where he was promptly arrested and treated.

Hungry Thieves Leave a Trail of Crumbs… Kind-Of

Three burglary suspects were apparently hungry for cash and cold side dishes when they robbed a New York Build-A-Burger restaurant. They made off with a cash register and a huge bowl of macaroni salad, which they ate all the way to the hideout. They didn’t steal good table manners, though, because police followed the trail of noodles to find them.

How Many Pairs of Underwear Does One Woman Need?

One hundred and thirty-one, apparently. At least that’s how many undergarments a Georgia woman crammed into her purse, grocery bags and a handbag in a Walmart store before police picked her up at the scene.

The City Guarantees She’ll Pick Up the Phone

A Florida man was arrested in June for calling 9-1-1 repeatedly because he had an emergency with his guns. 

His biceps, to be exact. He first asked the dispatcher if she was single, and she hung up on him. He kept calling, bragging about his “big muscles,” and she kept hanging up. 

Police tracked the number to a campsite registered to the man, and when they called, it rang in his tent. He was sitting among piles of beer cans and allegedly told the arresting officer that he wanted to head butt and kill him.

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Carlos Gamino

When is Crime Funny - Attorney Carlos Gamino
By Carlos Gamino

While the responsible adult in me thinks that criminal activity is never funny, sometimes I just can’t help laughing at some of the things that people do. This summer, there’s been no shortage of funny crime stories; these are some of my favorites.
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When Crime is Funny

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