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Google’s Top Searches of 2017 - Carlos Gamino
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What Were People Searching for Online During 2017?

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By Carlos Gamino

Google released its annual year in search data in mid-December, showing the hottest topics all over the world during 2017 based on what people typed or spoke into search engines – and the results might surprise you.

The Biggest Google Searches and Pageviews of 2017 in the U.S. 

The 10 biggest searches online during 2017 were, in this order:

1. Hurricane Irma
2. Matt Lauer
3. Tom Petty
4. Super Bowl
5. Las Vegas shooting
6. Mayweather vs. McGregor fight
7. Solar eclipse
8. Hurricane Harvey
9. Aaron Hernandez
10. Fidget spinner

The 10 most-viewed news topics were, in this order:

1. Hurricane Irma
2. Las Vegas shooting
3. Solar eclipse
4. Hurricane Harvey
5. Bitcoin price
6. North Korea
7. Hurricane Jose
8. Hurricane Maria
9. April the Giraffe
10. DACA

Google even released its data on what we eat – and what we’re worried about eating. The most-searched foods with “calories” attached were:

1. Unicorn Frappuccino calories
2. Grand Mac calories
3. Naked Chicken Chalupa calories
4. Mac Jr. calories
5. Cascara Latte calories

Here’s what we wanted to learn to do during 2017, with the 5 most popular “How-to” searches:

1. How to make slime
2. How to make solar eclipse glasses
3. How to watch the solar eclipse
4. How to watch Mayweather vs. McGregor
5. How to buy Bitcoin

We wanted to see other peoples’ selfies, too. Here are the 5 most popular “selfie” searches:

1. Monkey selfie
2. Al Sharpton selfie
3. Nia Jax selfie
4. Eclipse selfie
5. Kaia Gerber selfie

Americans wanted to learn more about a handful of topics, too, based on these top 5 “what is” searches:

1. What is DACA?
2. What is Bitcoin?
3. What is a solar eclipse?
4. What is ANTIFA?
5. What is net neutrality?

Activists were online searching, too, with these being the 5 most popular activism-related searches:

1. NFL National Anthem protests
2. Charlottesville protests
3. Boston Free Speech Rally
4. UC Berkeley protests
5. St. Louis protests

What Did You Search for in 2017?

What were the topics that mattered most to you over the last year? I’d love to hear what you searched for – and what you found – so share your thoughts on my Facebook page or head over to Twitter and join the conversation!

Carlos Gamino