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​So what really happened, and are we getting the whole story from The White House?

Why Did Michael Flynn Resign?

The official White House statement says that Flynn resigned from his post as one of the president’s most vital advisers because of an “evolving and eroding level of trust.”

Flynn had changed his story on what he said—and didn’t say—to Vice President Mike Pence on several occasions, and The White House acknowledged that Trump knew in early January that Flynn was fibbing to the VP.

The Justice Department warned the president’s attorneys that Flynn had misled several officials about his conversations with a Russian envoy during the campaign and that he was likely vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

While more details will surely follow, Trump’s without an official National Security Adviser.

So what’s The White House doing about it?

Spokesman Sean Spicer says they’re going in a different direction and looking at replacements who don’t have a history like Flynn’s. 

“The president is currently evaluating a group of very strong candidates that will be considered to fill the national security adviser position permanently,” said Spicer. Aides are considering former CIA director David Petraeus, Major Gen. (Ret.) Robert Kimmitt, and Vice Adm. (Ret.) Robert Harward.

The fact remains that Trump needs to move quickly, though. His administration still hasn’t unveiled his plan for dealing with the Islamic State, despite claiming that they’re the top threat to the U.S., and North Korea is throwing some weight around by launching ballistic missiles to find out what we’ll do about it.

What Do You Think?

Do you think there’s more to the story about why Flynn resigned? How do you feel about the replacements Trump is considering?

I’d love to hear your input, so please share your thoughts on  my Facebook page or on Twitter.

Carlos Gamino

Michael Flynn Resigns From Trump's Cabinet - Carlos A. Gamino
By Carlos Gamino

Speculation is whirling around Capitol Hill and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the wake of retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn’s surprise resignation in mid-February.
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What Cost Michael Flynn His Job as National Security Adviser?

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