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Latte and Rats in San Francisco - Carlos Gamino
​By Carlos Gamino

Who hasn’t wanted to dine with rats scuffling around their feet, hopping on tables, and climbing on countertops?

While rat-infested restaurants used to be limited to major cities where rats weren’t typically welcomed, a new breed of café
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Want to Eat With Rats? Now You Can

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has sprung up in San Francisco: The rat café. They make cat cafés seem normal in comparison.

The rats at the San Francisco Dungeon aren’t wild, and they don’t have typical rat diseases. Instead, they’re household pets (and they’re adoptable) from a Bay Area rat rescue group.

And there’s an admission fee to the café. The idea? The rescue group lets you get to know a number of rodents that you may be able to adopt after you make a connection. Tickets are $49.99, and they’ll score you beverages (coffee, tea, or water) and a breakfast pastry. Once you’re done, you get an extra 15 minutes with the group’s “ambassador rats.”

While it’s not a permanent attraction, Rattie Ratz hopes the two-day event at the Dungeon will help them clear out their over-populated rat rescue. It’s a cute idea—and one that organizers are calling a “frighteningly funny encounter”—but not all the tickets have yet been sold, and it’s unclear how popular the event will be.

What Do You Think?

Would you adopt a pet rat? Even if you wouldn’t, would you spend time at the Dungeon to benefit the rat rescue and its efforts… or is it a little too gross for your tastes? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share them on Facebook or on my Twitter feed.

Carlos Gamino