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​would work together to bring online voter registration to Wisconsin residents. However, if the bills pass, Special Registration Deputies who register individuals to vote in homes, care facilities and on college campuses, as well as workplaces, farmers’ markets and other locations would no longer be able to perform their duties.

Some Special Registration Deputies are up in arms over the proposed legislation.

“I once was asked to come to the home of a bright, courteous, pleasant young man, just home from high school, who also happened to be a quadriplegic. He had no Wisconsin ID or drivers license, so under this law he cannot register online and the clerk cannot make at home visits. Tell me how would he register to vote under this bill? How will this person become an active voter when you are throwing these hurdles in his path?” said Linea Sundstrom, an SRD who works with people who have special needs.

Governor Scott Walker has signed a number of voting laws since taking office, including:
  • Changing the early voting period from 30 to 12 days
  • Eliminating straight-ticket voting except for military voters and those overseas
  • Requiring proof of residence to vote
  • Increased residency requirements from 10 to 28 days (except for presidential elections)
  • Requiring college students to use a 2-year college ID rather than a 4-year ID as identification
  • Barring municipal clerks from returning absentee ballots to voters to correct mistakes
  • Eliminating faxing or emailing of absentee ballots (except for overseas or military voters)

What Do You Think?

If the state of Wisconsin tough enough on the ID laws, or should we be doing more? I’d love to hear what you think – particularly in light of the upcoming election – so share your thoughts on my Facebook page or on Twitter

Carlos Gamino

Voter Registration in Wisconsin
​By Carlos Gamino

Like many states, Wisconsin is attempting to modernize voter registration. However, the way the state legislature is going about it is raising some eyebrows – and several concerns.

Senate Bill 295 and Assembly Bill 389 
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Voter Registration in Wisconsin

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