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it “Year Zero.”

​The documents reveal a huge arsenal of the CIA’s computer hacking tools, their capabilities, and actions that the agency has taken to undermine other countries’ elections and other important events. 

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks’ editor, says, “There is an extreme proliferation risk in the development of cyber 'weapons'. Comparisons can be drawn between the uncontrolled proliferation of such 'weapons', which results from the inability to contain them combined with their high market value, and the global arms trade. But the significance of ‘Year Zero’ goes well beyond the choice between cyberwar and cyberpeace. The disclosure is also exceptional from a political, legal and forensic perspective.”

Quite a bit of the information is significant, including the fact that the CIA has malware specifically designed to target iPhones, Android devices, and smart TVs. One of the most talked-about capabilities is a program the CIA calls “Weeping Angel,” which can transform a smart TV into a covert microphone. The television goes into a “Fake-Off” mode so that the owner believes the television is actually off; then the TV acts as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the Internet to a CIA server.

But surprisingly, few people seem to care about the CIA data dump—despite the fact that U.S. intelligence officials are calling the drop “worse than Snowden” documents.

“The documents WikiLeaks published today are extremely dangerous. Not only do they endanger current operations, they reveal details about our methodology and practices which we don’t want our adversaries knowing about, let alone mimicking,” said an anonymous intelligence official interviewed by BuzzFeed.

What Do You Think?

Did you pay much attention to Vault 7, or do you already assume that the government is spying on everything we do online and on our phones? Do you think the CIA’s hacking arsenal is an example of government overreach, or is it part of what’s necessary to keep us all safe in a world where new threats are evolving every day? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share them on my Facebook page or on Twitter.

Carlos Gamino

Vault 7 and the WikiLeaks Info Dump - Carlos Gamino
​By Carlos Gamino

WikiLeaks, the site famous for releasing classified information to the general public, dumped 8,761 documents and files from the Central Intelligence Agency in early March, calling it the “largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency,” and dubbing
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Vault 7 and the WikiLeaks Info Dump

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