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Here are my favorites:

“Breaking Bird: Crow Reveals Secret Perth Meth Stash”

In Australia, a surveillance camera at a gas station caught a crow plucking a bag of meth out of a trash can. Police found the baggie lying on the ground, in plain sight, but there wasn’t a suspect in the area; that led them to review the footage. They still haven’t found the suspect, but the accomplice is believed to have used the profits from meth sales to build up his nest egg.

“ETs Built Earth’s First Airport, Iraqi Transportation Minister Says”

According to Iraq’s Transportation Minister Kazem Finjan, extraterrestrials built the world’s first airport about 5,000 years ago.

“When the Sumerians settled here, they knew full well that the atmosphere was suitable for flying to outer space. It was from here that the Sumerian spaceships took off towards the other planets,” he said. The appointed official also said the Sumerians were the first to discover the 12th planet, which apparently completes an orbit around the sun every 3,600 years.

“Man Arrested After Shooting at a ‘Zombie,’ Almost Hit Man Sleeping”

An amateur zombie-hunter fired into a house in St. Paul, Minn., and nearly killed a man who was sleeping inside.

“I’m out here making sure my neighborhood is safe. I didn’t see the cops, so I figured I’d do something,” said 24-year-old Ryan Stanislaw.

There are expert zombie hunters for a reason, Ryan. Let’s leave justice in their hands.

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​Carlos Gamino

The Weirdest News Headlines I've Seen in a While - Carlos Gamino
​By Carlos Gamino

One of my favorite things to do when I have time is to read the “Weird News” headlines—and over the past few weeks, I’ve seen things that were a lot… stranger than usual (even despite the country being heavily invested in the 2016 election).
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The Weirdest News Headlines I’ve Seen in a While

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