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​time for yourself, you could plan a vacation around your Continuing Legal Education requirements.

Local and national bar associations are catching on to the fact that attorneys need vacation time, so they’re creating CLE vacation destinations for lawyers. You can kill two birds with one stone, and you won’t have to feel so guilty about leaving the office next time—after all, you’re working!

Bar associations are becoming creative with the travel packages they offer attorneys and their families. Each association organizes their own trips and they can be anything from a luxury cruise to a weekend at Disney Land. 

You’ll want to check with your local bar association, too, but here’s some of what the American and National Bar Associations are offering for CLE vacation destinations in 2017.

American Bar Association

  • Corporate Counsel CLE, February 16 – 18, Orlando, FL
  • Insurance Coverage Litigation CLE, March 1 – 4, Tucson, AZ
  • LGBT Forum & Section Annual Conference, May 2 – 5, San Francisco, CA

National Bar Association

  • 37th Annual Mid-Year Conference, March 31 – April 1, Washington DC
  • International Affiliates Meeting, May 7 – 18, Dubai, India
  • 92nd Annual Convention & Exhibits, July 29 – August 4, Toronto, ON

What Do You Think?

Do you think you’ll be able to take a vacation this year? Will you take a working vacation at one of these CLE destinations? I’d love to hear how you plan to get out of the office (and maybe take a page from your playbook), so spill the beans on my Facebook page or on Twitter. 

Carlos Gamino

Combining a Vacation With Continuing Legal Education - Carlos Gamino
By Carlos Gamino

Let’s face it: as attorneys, we don’t get much downtime. Whether you’re working in a big law firm or are a solo practitioner, escaping the office for more than a holiday weekend is probably pretty rare… but if you can, you should! If you’re still not accustomed to the idea of having

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