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​Donations Leaked on Twitter

When writer Dream Hampton recently tweeted about Jay Z sending bail money for protesters, she also mentioned a “huge check” for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. 

Her tweets seemed to defend the rapper, who has been widely criticized for not donating to important causes. One of Jay Z’s biggest critics, Harry Belafonte, financially supported Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family during the Civil Rights Movement.

Hampton later deleted her tweets. According to CNN, she called those tweets an “error ridden rant” but later confirmed, “It’s true they gave.”

Why So Quiet?

Some community members have criticized Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé for not adding their voices to the recent uproar around police violence and race. Shaun King, columnist for Daily Kos, chimed in that Jay Z probably wanted attention to stay on the movement, and not on him. King refers to a rally in New York City for Treyvon Martin. King says that “the moment Jay Z and Beyoncé showed up, their appearance sucked the wind out of the entire rally.”

Is it Right for Celebrities to Donate to Such Polarizing Causes?

Jay Z is far from the only celebrity donating to important causes. In fact, Forbes compiled a list of the 30 “Most Generous Celebrities,” and it includes everyone from Taylor Swift to actor Alec Baldwin.

However, he may be the only one who’s been found out for donating bail money.

What Do You Think?

Should celebrities bail people out of jail for participating in causes they believe in, or should they stay out of legal affairs and put their money to use in other ways? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so share your opinion on the Carlos Gamino Facebook page.

Carlos Gamino

The Celebrity Bailout - Jay Z Bails Protesters Out of Jail  - Carlos Gamino
​By Carlos Gamino

Race, politics, money. Those are the reasons behind celebrity rapper Jay Z’s choice to post bail for protesters arrested in police brutality demonstrations… but he’s not speaking openly about his involvement.
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The Celebrity Bailout - Jay Z Bails Protesters Out of Jail

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