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Texas Teen Electrocuted by Phone in Bathtub - Carlos Gamino
​By Carlos Gamino

A teenaged girl from Lubbock, Texas died in early July because she used her Samsung Edge Plus phone in the bathtub, according to her family—and it could happen to anyone.

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Teen Reportedly Dies From Using Her Phone in the Tub

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Fourteen-year-old Madison Coe was soaking in the tub in her father’s home in New Mexico while playing games on her phone—but it was plugged into the wall at the time. When her father, Logan Coe, knocked on the door to tell her it was time to get out of the bathroom, she said okay—but she never came out. Logan went back 20 minutes later and Madison didn’t respond when he knocked; he opened the door and found her unresponsive. 

According to Madison’s mother, Angela O’Guinn-Downs, the plugged-in phone had fallen into the tub.

Madison had a burn mark on her hand.

When EMTs arrived, Logan had been trying to revive her; he’s an EMT by training, as well. She was pronounced dead at the hospital, and authorities said that “initial evidence showed signs consistent with electrocution.”

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the incident.
According to the Lubbock Avalance-Journal, Madison’s hometown newspaper, her family is on a crusade to raise awareness about the dangers of electricity and water.

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