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​background checks and how much of our histories should be available to the general public.

How much of your personal history should be available to anyone who wants to look? The great privacy debate rages on, and whether or not you have a dog in this fight, it’s interesting to keep up with what people are saying.

How Much Information is Available on You?

Your criminal history is available to anyone who wants to purchase it from the Wisconsin Department of Justice. While most people don’t care, potential landlords and employers can have a peek at it in order to make a decision about you.

But what’s in your criminal record?

Everything that you’ve ever had to do with law enforcement, that’s what. Whether you were arrested during your wild college days and released or you were convicted and served time in prison, it’s all there.

(As a side note, you can petition the court to remove some items, such as arrests that never resulted in conviction or charges that were dismissed. You can also have acquittals removed.)

How Your Record May Soon Affect Private Gun Purchases

A handful of mayors from southeastern Wisconsin convened in early September and agreed that there should be expanded criminal background checks for gun buyers purchasing from private owners—not dealers—and people who purchase guns online. The idea is that these expanded background checks will keep illegal guns off the streets (Racine police generally confiscate between 125 and 200 guns per year, while Milwaukee police have taken nearly 1,500 so far this year). 

What do you think of expanding background checks? Will it help keep illegal guns off the streets, or is it just another hassle that will cost honest people money and make them feel like it’s not okay to own a firearm?

Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño 

Wisconsin Criminal Background Checks - Attorney Carlos A. Gamino
​Landlords, employers and law enforcement officials all routinely conduct background checks, and there are currently talks by Wisconsin legislators to enforce more background checks during the private sales and purchases of firearms. Attorney Carlos Gamiño chimes in with his thoughts on criminal 
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Should Wisconsin Allow More People Access to Criminal Background Checks?

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