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HBO is doing a documentary on your life – and the strange circumstances surrounding your companions’ deaths.

The Backstory on Robert Durst
Durst, an extremely wealthy real estate heir (his family is the 58th-richest in the country), has been suspected of three murders for quite some time, but he’s never been convicted. 

Durst’s wife, Kathleen Durst, disappeared on January 31, 1982. She has never been found.

His longtime friend, Susan Berman, was killed in December of 2000 by a .22-caliber gunshot to the back of the head. The murder allegedly took place when New York investigators wanted to ask her about what she knew of the circumstances surrounding Kathleen Durst’s disappearance.

Morris Black, Durst’s neighbor in Texas, was murdered and dismembered in 2003. Durst went on trial over that one, but he was acquitted by claiming the murder was committed in self-defense.

How Everything Came Back to Haunt Robert Durst

HBO filmmakers were in the middle of a documentary called “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” which required on-camera interviews. Naturally, when you’re being interviewed on camera, you need to wear a lavalier microphone. 

He didn’t turn it off when he went to the bathroom. 

Ordinarily, that would only be a little awkward… except Durst talked to himself while he was in the restroom. He didn’t just mutter about the water not being hot enough in the sink or remind himself to pick something up at the convenience store.

“What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

Those were the words that Durst uttered from the bathroom while his microphone was still on. Producers didn’t discover it immediately, but when they did, they turned it over to police.

What Do You Think?

Could something like this actually lead to a murder conviction for Robert Durst? Do you think the admission from the bathroom should count? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so join me on Facebook and chime in.

Carlos Gamino

Robert Durst - Busted by an HBO Documentary - Carlos Gamino
​By Carlos Gamino

When does a documentary result in murder charges?

When you’re the subject of an HBO documentary.

At least, when you’re Robert Durst and 

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Robert Durst - Busted by an HBO Documentary

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