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​A gas pipe in Aliso Canyon ruptured in October, and has been emitting toxic levels of methane into the air at an alarming rate of 100,000 pounds per hour ever since.

The methane filling the atmosphere is so serious that the Federal Aviation Administration declared a no-fly zone over the entire affected area. Residents in the nearby neighborhood of Porter Ranch have been complaining of vomiting, nosebleeds, and extreme respiratory complications ever since.

Erin Brockovich said, “It’s the BP oil spill on land.” Brockovich actually lives about 20 miles away from the disaster, and she’s taken up the local residents’ cause to bring more attention to the catastrophe.

After visiting the Porter Ranch neighborhood for a week, Brockovich complained of having the same “headaches, nausea, and congestion that have plagued this community.” She claims that company that owns the pipeline, Southern California Gas Co., has “essentially ignored the impact to victims.”

Southern California Gas has relocated 1,675 residents for 3 months and retrofitted 90 nearby homes with air purification systems and other equipment under a county mandate. The gas leak has forced Porter Ranch to close two schools and relocate 1,900 students and faculty staff. Over 2,092 households have been displaced since the beginning of the catastrophe.

So far, all attempts to cap the well have proven unsuccessful. The pipe is 8,000 feet below ground and fiercely spewing toxic chemicals, making a manual repair job virtually impossible. An actual solution is estimated to be months away.

What Do You Think?

Should the media have covered this disaster, and should California be working harder to find solutions? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so share them on Twitter or Facebook!

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Massive Gas Leak Forced LA County to Declare a State of Emergency - Carlos Gamino
​By Carlos Gamino

With a surprisingly small amount of media coverage, a natural gas leak caused Los Angeles County officials to declare a state of emergency – and it’s still going on.
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Massive Gas Leak Forced LA County to Declare a State of Emergency

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