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White House Struggles to Replace Staff – Carlos Gamino
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Mass Exodus From White House Staff

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By Carlos Gamino

The White House is in crisis mode – not because of anything the president said or did, but because staffers are leaving in droves.

There are dozens of vacancies in the West Wing (and throughout the rest of the presidential home base, too), and even while some staffers announce their impending departures, others are quietly quitting without even giving two weeks’ notice.

With current and future vacancies looming over an already-understaffed White House, officials have been advertising vacant positions on job websites and trying to figure out how to consolidate existing jobs. 

According to CNN, “Seasoned GOP staffers cited a number of reasons why so many people have turned down job offers or expressed disinterest when contacted by administration officials about potentially joining the White House -- from anxiety over the Russia probe to fear of having their careers tainted by associating with Trump.”

An unnamed Republican said, “There's two dominant reasons. One is that, some men's wives would kill them if they went to work for Trump. And two, it's a potentially career-ending move. You become toxic to corporate America, and it's not clear how you make money after serving in the Trump administration, especially in a high-level role.”

In an effort to bring in new talent, the White House has teamed up with the Conservative Partnership Institute to recruit congressional aides into admin jobs. They’ve invited more than 900 people to a job fair, where officials will be interviewing prospective recruits. Some candidates will even meet high-level officials to learn about unadvertised career opportunities, according to Rachel Bovard, senior policy director for the Conservative Partnership Institute.

Of the Obama administration, former director of operations and adviser to the Presidential Personnel Office Mark Friedmann said, “"We were never in a position where we had to post administration jobs on Monster or job boards, period. We were in a position on a regular basis – had 20 to 30 people coming in every day on a website that we had run through the White House. We never really had to jump in, post anything on a job board because we had so much talent of people who wanted to be there, but also in the networks of people already there."

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