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​4,000 percent increase.

Daraprim is used to treat toxoplasmosis and a number of other illnesses that affect cancer and HIV patients. But now, in a new twist that may satisfy economists and poets alike, a San Diego-based company, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, hopes to undercut Shkreli by offering an alternative toxoplasmosis medication for $1 per pill.

Although Daraprim has spent the past 62 years on the market, its new competitor may be equally capable of fighting the same kinds of infections. This is because Imprimis Pharmaceuticals utilizes the two active ingredients found in Daraprim: pyrimethamine and leucovorin. 

However, the way this drug is produced is also what keeps it from getting officially approved by the FDA. Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is selling what they call a “customizable compounded formulation” of the drug.

According to the FDA, compounding is when “a person under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist” mixes individual components of a drug into a specialized formula, usually on a much smaller scale than ordinary drug manufacturers. 

Because Imprimis Pharmaceuticals uses a compounding technique to make this medication, their operation must be classified as an “outsourcing facility” under the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013, which means they are allowed to legally sell their product, but they must first register with the FDA for inspections and can never carry an FDA approval.

While a lack of FDA approval may be enough to turn some consumers away, others may find the $749 price difference too good to pass up. 

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Carlos Gamino

Martin Shkreli - One of the World's Most Despised Men - Attorney Carlos A. Gamino
​By Carlos Gamino

In August, Martin Shkreli found himself in the center of a medical industry scandal when his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, acquired the rights to Daraprim and subsequently raised the price from $13.50 per pill to $750 – a 

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Martin Shkreli - One of the World's Most Despised Men

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