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​It may be hard to believe, but you could get yourself into hot water for taking a selfie in the voting booth. Why? Because under Wisconsin law, you could be violating election rules

The law says whoever intentionally “shows his or her market ballot to any person or places a mark upon the ballot so it is identifiable as his or her ballot” is guilty of a crime.

Election workers are always on the lookout for acts of election fraud—and they’re even more cautious during presidential election years. Although these occurrences are extremely rare, past violations have resulted in the removal of the alleged violator from the polling place. With candidates suspicious that voter fraud will occur this year (indeed, Donald Trump frequently says the only way he’ll lose is if voter fraud slips by election workers), polling place workers will really be on their toes. 

The voting requirements in Wisconsin are already strict, which means many people may not be able to exercise their rights to vote, so it’s best to play it safe and leave your cellphone in the car. The last thing you want is to be charged with a crime based on old laws (interestingly, the law against showing someone a marked ballot was to prevent bribery, such as when one person showed another his or her marked ballot as proof they voted for a certain candidate in order to receive money).

You can check out a sample Wisconsin ballot here.

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Election Day Selfies – Carlos Gamino
By Carlos Gamino

You can talk while you’re at the polls—the president did it and got away with it (with humorous results)… but before you snap a selfie on election day, be aware that you could face major penalties, especially if you post the photo on social media.
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Election Day Selfies: Don’t Do It!

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