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5 Hilarious Dumb Criminal Mistakes - Carlos Gamino
By Carlos Gamino

Criminal mastermind. Those are two words that go together well… but they don’t depend on each other. These five criminals made incredibly dumb mistakes that will leave you (and that left some of them) in stitches.

Stolen Cash Selfies

When you get out of prison for bank robbery (after serving a 5-year sentence), you probably don’t want to rob another bank—but if you do, it’s probably a bad idea to take selfies with the money you 
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Dumb Criminals on the Move

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stole. That’s just what an Asheville, Ohio man did, though, and then he posted the selfies on Facebook. A lot of people looked at the photos, including the police, and the man and his girlfriend were arrested pretty quickly.

“Good decision-making isn’t his strong suit,” said Lt. Dale Parish of the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

Stealing a Car? Better Know How to Drive a Stick

A 17-year-old attempted to carjack a woman in Omaha, Nebraska as the woman was driving her teen to school. The problem? He forced the woman and her son out of her Dodge Caliber, jumped into the driver’s seat, and tried to start the car. Instead, he turned on the windshield wipers, the headlights, and a few other accessories while fumbling around for 7 minutes trying to work the car’s manual transmission. Finally, the kid gave up and took off on foot; the police tackled him less than two blocks away.

Are You Smarter Than a Door Lock?

burglar in Abington, England broke into a home and stole some cash, but he decided that wasn’t enough. He went back for seconds and busted through the door, nearly running into two police officers who were there talking to the homeowner about the burglar’s first break-in. The man was ultimately spared a prison sentence, despite his record; just months earlier, he tried and failed to break into another house when he cut himself on the door lock and left behind plenty of blood that investigators used to identify him.

Let Me Give You My Number

An 18-year-old who tried to rob a muffler shop in Chicago couldn’t get money from the safe because employees told him only the manager could open it. Like a true criminal mastermind, the young robber left the mechanics with two contact numbers (it’s always wise to have a backup) so they could call him when the owner returned. They definitely called him back, but instead of the owner waiting with all the money in a bag, the police were there with cuffs.

Canadian Cocaine Scheme Documented on Instagram

Two Canadian women are looking at serious prison sentences after smuggling cocaine into Australia worth more than $30 million. When they were arrested in Sydney, authorities found more than 95 kilograms of cocaine in their luggage. It turned out that the two Quebecoise women took a beautiful cruise around the world, snapping dozens of photos a day from New York, South America, London, and French Polynesia.

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