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​Workplace harassment is very real. Whether someone has a personal vendetta against a coworker or there’s a bigger scheme involved, it happens all over the state of Wisconsin and in the rest of the country. However, because so many cases lack tangible evidence, it’s easy to claim that disciplinary proceedings are initiated for the sole purpose of harassing or intimidating someone else.

There are plenty of recent cases that are filled with allegations of workplace harassment through disciplinary action. Ultimately, they’ll either settle out of court or a judge will have to decide whether the allegations are true.

Take this one in Caledonia, for example: a former police officer claims that disciplinary proceedings against him were begun with the intent to harass him over his decision to delay retirement. He says that the department wanted to promote younger officers, but his decision to stay prevented them from doing so.

In another law enforcement case—this one in Hoboken, New Jersey—an officer is claiming that he faced disciplinary issues at work over his personal conduct with a former girlfriend. Because the officer alleges that others have engaged in similar behavior but haven’t faced disciplinary proceedings, it appears that his is also a case of purposeful harassment.

Finally, a case in Utah that involves an employee with a 14-year tenure who helped a female colleague pursue a sexual harassment complaint looks like harassment, too. The government worker had more than a decade of positive performance reviews and a solid history of promotion, but suddenly faced disciplinary action (along with three other employees who helped) and was demoted as a result.

Workplace harassment isn’t fair. I’m a firm believer in being straightforward, and cases like these really capture my attention because I just don’t understand why some people resort to underhanded tactics like those alleged in all of these complaints.

Have you ever had to deal with workplace harassment in the form of disciplinary action, or have you ever done it to someone else and wish you hadn’t? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Attorney Carlos Gamiño

Attorney Carlos A. Gamino Disciplinary Proceedings
​Attorney Carlos Gamiño is always interested in workforce culture, especially when legal news breaks on disciplinary proceedings intended to harass or intimidate workers. Here’s Carlos Gamiño on disciplinary proceedings and frivolous claims.
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