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Superintendent Todd Gray has anything to say about it.

He’s drafted a letter to the Department of Public Instruction requesting a waiver that exempts his schools from reporting the exam results without scoring a penalty for the district. 

It’s important that he ask for a waiver, because without it, the results of those tests must be reported—and they can reflect negatively on the schools. If the schools don’t hold up their end of the bargain by administering Common Core-aligned tests, the state could be on its way to losing hundreds of millions of federal dollars.

Common Core is already a fairly unpopular program, and there’s not much of a blur between party lines. Wisconsin educators have resisted it since the idea rolled out in 2010. When it translated into higher up-front costs for some schools (the Maple Dale-Indian Hill School District had to purchase about $10,000 worth of new keyboards, mice and headsets because they just found out the tablets they were going to use for testing were not permitted), many school districts wanted to pull the plug entirely.

Now educators are caught between a rock and a hard place, according to Vance Dalzin, the superintendent of Maple Dale-Indian Hill schools. “As instructional leaders, we tell teachers one thing and then it changes. We tell parents something, and it changes. We tell students these tests are important and something changes.”

There’s no doubt the transition has been a rough one, and it’s a very polarizing issue.

Where do you stand on Common Core? Would you like to see the “Badger Exam” off the table, or are you okay with it starting in March for kids in third through eighth grades? Let me know on Facebook; I’d love to hear what you think.

Carlos Gamino, parent of Wisconsin kids and attorney

Common Core - Is it on the Way Out
​​By Carlos Gamino, criminal defense lawyer

Kids are getting ready to take brand-new Common Core achievement tests all over the state of Wisconsin, but will they count for anything?

Not if Waukesha School District 
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Common Core - Is it on the Way Out?

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