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Starbucks Lawsuit - Carlos Gamino
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Starbucks Lawsuit Over “Extra Ingredients”

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By Carlos Gamino

You can file this one under “grossest things I’ve read all year.” A California woman is in the middle of a lawsuit against Starbucks, alleging that an employee bled into her family’s Frappuccinos.

Amanda Vice, the woman who’s suing the coffee giant, said that she ordered a Frappuccino for herself and one for her daughter in February of 2016. When she looked inside her daughter’s cup, she discovered something disgusting: a barista’s blood. It was allegedly inside the rim of Vice’s cup, as well. 

“Once we drank it, then we could see on the inside of the rim that there was blood,” Vice told KTLA in Los Angeles.

Vice called Starbucks, she says, and they confirmed that a barista was bleeding and agreed to have her stop making drinks.

Then, says Vice, the manager offered her free drinks for a week. When Vice asked the store manager to require the employee to be tested for communicable diseases. The manager asked the employee, according to the lawsuit, but didn’t require it; that forced the Vices to have themselves tested twice for deadly diseases that could be spread by blood.

Starbucks then offered each family member $1,000 in compensation after the incident, Vice says. Still, the company refused to require the employee to be tested.

“The family was then left to schedule their own blood tests, causing extreme distress for the parents as they had to watch their daughter be poked with a needle and agonizingly wait for the results,” said a statement by the family’s lawyer. “This caused the family stress, nervousness, fright, anguish, grief, anxiety, worry and shock for several months while awaiting the second round of test results.”

What Do You Think?

What would you do if you found something this gross in your drink from Starbucks or anywhere else? Would your first call be to an attorney, or would you, like the Vices, try to settle things on your own first? I’d love to hear what you think about this alleged incident and what you’d do if it happened to you, so please join the conversation on my Facebook page or on Twitter.

Carlos Gamino