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​Complete with his smug smile and hardcore comb-over, Shkreli yelled, “Are you alive? Do you need Pharma Bro’s help? Drop out!” in Hillary Clinton’s general direction and videotaped himself doing it.

The punchable playboy isn’t satisfied fading into oblivion, though, which he’s proven time and again since he jacked up the price of a life-saving AIDS drug, Daraprim, more than 5,000 percent. 

Part of the reason Shkreli raised the price was to keep investors happy; at a Forbes conference in December, he said, “My shareholders expect me to make the most profit. That’s the ugly, dirty truth.” But at that time, he was sorry… that he didn’t raise the price even higher. (Yes, really.)

So what’s this D-lister up to now, aside from trying to bully presidential candidates from across the street?

Trying to bully them on Twitter, such as when he pretended to punch a wall and fracture his wrist after former candidate Bernie Sanders refused his $2,700 campaign donation. (It turned out that Shkreli pulled a picture off the Internet and Photoshopped his name on it as if it were a genuine X-ray—and it only took a few minutes for Internet users to call him out as a liar.)

He’s also spent his valuable time trying to troll comedian Patton Oswalt, who recently lost his wife, by calling him a “pathetic loser,” a “liberal trash bag,” and “the King of Queens.” (Shkreli, in his disconnected-from-reality state, confused Patton Oswalt with comedian Kevin James.)

Yep—still punchable.

What Do You Think?

Have you been keeping up with the bad boy of Big Pharma? What do you think of his antics—is he trying to embrace his bad reputation like Amy’s Baking Company did after their appearance on Kitchen Nightmares? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please, share them on my Facebook page or on Twitter.

Carlos Gamino

Martin Shkreli Screams at Hillary Clinton - Carlos Gamino Wisconsin Lawyer
​By Carlos Gamino

It’s hard to take Martin Shkreli seriously—especially since a team of researchers concluded that he may have the world’s most punchable face—but that doesn’t stop the bad boy of the pharmaceutical industry from trying to stay in the spotlight.
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Martin Shkreli Screams at Hillary Clinton… And More

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