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​from around the country.

1.would-be burglar in Chicago was thwarted not by police, or even a concerned citizen, but by pulling for over seven minutes on a door marked “Push.”

That’s right. He had tools with him and managed to break the lock, which leads me to believe he knew what he was doing. However, once the lock was broken, this poor guy tried to pull the door open. He pulled with all his might for several minutes before finally admitting defeat and leaving the scene empty-handed.

2.A Missoula, Montana resident found himself behind bars facing charges of unlawful possession and delivery of a controlled substance. Seems he was pulled over for an illegal lane change on and Oregon highway while wearing a beanie emblazoned with the word “WEED.” 

Imagine the officer’s (lack of) surprise at finding 6 pounds of marijuana hidden in the suspect’s car.

3.Then there’s this guy, who showed up at a Michigan pizza place wearing only a towel and banging on the door with a loaded pistol, with his three kids in tow. Apparently, he’d taken a large dose of LSD and was having a rough time with reality.

4.A pair of Maui residents were so upset over finding dog poop in their yard that they allegedly threatened the neighbor they believed responsible with obscenities and golf clubs

After the ensuing incident left them charged with terroristic threatening, criminal property damage, burglary and unauthorized entry to a vehicle, a little bit of “business” in the grass probably doesn’t seem like such a big problem.

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