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​sounds, especially if you keep an active social ​network and have a million different things to do each day. Sometimes downloading a productivity app or revamping your schedule can work wonders for how much you get done. But there are literally thousands of those to choose from – so what would work best for you?

Productivity Tool #1: A Simple Timer

I’ve found that setting a timer, either on my phone or one of those ordinary kitchen timers, works wonders for productivity. You’d be surprised at what watching the clock forces you to get done. If you sit down with paperwork for an hour, knowing that once that hour is up you’re going to move to something else, you’ll subconsciously work your tail off to reach a milestone. Really!

Productivity Tool #2: Online Storage

While there are always security concerns – especially when it comes to confidentiality – there are secure cloud services (you can even set up your own cloud) where you can store documents. You can also use online storage for documents and spreadsheets that teams of attorneys need to share; that way, you and your lawyers can work remotely without emailing documents back and forth or having to download copies to flash drives before going home.

Productivity Tool #3: Talk, Don’t Type

Some amount of typing is inevitable when you’re a lawyer. Whenever possible, though, use Dragon Naturally Speaking or another text-to-type software, especially if you’re simply organizing your thoughts. It feels funny at first, but once you’ve gotten used to it, you’ll discover that your thoughts make it to the computer screen much faster and more efficiently when you’re speaking.
What do you use for productivity? I’d love to hear your suggestions and find out if there’s something new I should try – I’m always on the lookout for new tools.

Carlos Gamiño

3 Hot Productivity Tools for Lawyers - Attorney Carlos A. Gamino in Milwaukee
​Attorney Carlos Gamiño is a bit of a techie. He’s always looking for the latest-and-greatest apps to increase productivity and make life simpler, and here’s his take on the three best tools lawyers can use.

Being productive isn’t as easy as it 
3 Hot Productivity Tools for Lawyers

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