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More Ancient Tombs Unearthed in Egypt - Carlos Gamino
By Carlos Gamino

Archaeologists all over the world are excited about the latest-and-greatest discovery from southern Egypt: three tombs that are around 2,000 years old.

Found in burial grounds in the al0Kamin al-Sahrawi area south of Cairo, the three tombs contained stone coffins and remarkably well-preserved clay fragments. The clay fragments are from Egypt’s 27th Dynasty, which was founded in 525 BCE, and from the Greco-Roman era, which lasted from 332 BCE through sometime in the fourth century ACE.

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2,000-Year-Old Tombs Discovered in Egypt

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In one of the tombs, archaeologists found the bones of “men, women and children of different ages,” said Ali al-Bakry, head of the excavation. “These tombs were part of a large cemetery for a large city, and not a military garrison as some suggest. Works are underway in order to reveal more secrets.”

The discovery is particularly exciting, because this was the first time archaeologists had discovered a child buried in the area, and that the three newly discovered tombs feature different architecture than those discovered there in 2015, which means it’s feasible to believe that the site was a working cemetery for several centuries.

At the same site, the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry announced the discovery of 17 mummies, a gold sheet, and two papyri written in Demotic—an ancient Egyptian script—as well as coffins for animals (including birds).

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Do you get excited about archaeologists finding pieces of history like these? I’d love to hear your thoughts and find out what you think the coolest discovery has been. Was it King Tut’s tomb, the Rosetta Stone, or a handful of smaller discoveries that let historians piece together the lives of the past? Share your stories on my  Facebook page or  Twitter - and if you have a link to a great story, I’d love to read it.

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