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A 2-Year-Old Needs a Kidney, but the Donor’s in Prison - Carlos Gamino
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2-Year-Old Denied Kidney Transplant in Georgia

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By Carlos Gamino

Kids often top transplant lists, particularly when they have a donor lined up and ready to go - but that wasn't the case for a 2-year-old in Atlanta.

Little A.J. Burgess, who was born a month prematurely without a working kidney, was denied a kidney transplant because his father - a man considered a 110 percent match for the organ donation - violated his probation.

The little boy spent the first 10 months of his life in a neonatal intensive care unit. His father, Anthony Dickerson, was tested while in prison and doctors declared him a perfect match. 

The surgery was scheduled for October 3, but Dickerson was caught violating his parole for possession of a weapon during an attempt to commit a felony... and he went straight back to prison. The hospital now says that they need three to four months before Dickerson can donate his kidney to his son.


According to the little boy's mother, Dickerson must have months of "good behavior" before he can donate his kidney. At that point - sometime in 2018 - they'll reevaluate his suitability as a donor.

The boy's mother says that that may be too long. She says that his health is declining and that he needs bladder surgery now due to his lack of a functioning kidney.

What Do You Think?

Do you think the hospital is out of line? While there are some facts we don't know - the hospital declined to comment on this specific case - does it seem like they could make an exception to save the little boy's life?

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Carlos Gamino