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Winning Back Your License

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 04/10/14

When you’re convicted of a DUI or other driving-related crime, you could lose your license – sometimes permanently. But in some cases, you can win back your driving privileges. Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño has a few pointers for getting your license back and how to keep it.

Whether your license is suspended for failure to pay traffic tickets or you’ve been convicted of a serious crime, you may be able to win it back. In Wisconsin, you might even be able to reinstate your license online, which is great news. However, some circumstances require you to head to the DMV. If that’s the case, bring a book – those lines are no joke. (Need some recommendations? Check out my Goodreads profile: Carlos Gamiño.)

If you are eligible to have your license reinstated, don’t get it taken away again. Sounds simple, right? While it’s a little bit of a pain to drive more carefully, make sure every single parking ticket you get is paid immediately, and know when you shouldn’t be behind the wheel, it’s worth the effort. Repeated offenses might result in a longer suspension or worse – a permanent revocation. That means you’ll have to invest in a bus pass, and public transportation isn’t always the best way to get from Point A to Point B.

In most cases, you won’t need to work with a lawyer to get your license back. If you do, Gamiño Law Offices can help; just call us at (414)383-6700 or at (262)650-6700.

--Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño


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