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What Counts as Sexual Assault?

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 05/13/14

What Counts as Sexual Assault? 

A sexual assault charge can follow you for the rest of your life, even if you’re innocent – but what, exactly, counts as sexual assault?

Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Sexual assault is characterized by four different degrees in the state of Wisconsin.

·       First-degree sexual assault is sexual contact without consent that results in great bodily harm or pregnancy. It also includes the threat or use of a weapon.

·       Second-degree sexual assault is sexual contact without consent that results in injury, illness, disease or mental anguish. It also includes sexual contact with someone suffering from a mental illness, someone who’s intoxicated or unconscious, or someone who’s otherwise unable to give consent.

·       Third-degree sexual assault is sexual contact without consent, including several very specific instances listed in the law.

·       Fourth-degree sexual assault is any kind of sexual contact without consent that does not constitute first, second or third-degree sexual assault.

Wisconsin’s Penalties for Sexual Assault

In the state of Wisconsin, people who are convicted of sexual assault can be sentenced to up to 40 years in prison initially, and can end up spending up to 60 years in prison. The law allows for a maximum of 20 years of extended supervision, as well, and sex offender registration is required for first, second and third-degree sexual assault convictions.

What if You Are Accused of a Sex Crime?

Unfortunately, false sexual assault claims are fairly common – especially when relationships are involved.

If you’ve been accused of some sort of sexual assault, whether or not you are guilty, you need to call a sex crime lawyer in Milwaukee right away. Your freedom and your reputation are at stake, and you can’t take your chances against the types of penalties that Wisconsin courts impose for those convictions. Call Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño at (414) 383-6700 for a complimentary consultation right away; you don’t have to face charges like these alone.

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