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Struggling with Child Support Matters? A Family Attorney Can Help

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 03/22/14

A divorce is not just a difficult ordeal for the couple but also for any children in the family.  Who will take care of and provide financial support for the child is often a big question.  Child support is generally determined based on the amount of time the children spend with either parent and each parent’s financial resources.   

To ensure you get adequate financial assistance if you are the parent with primary placement of the child, and to protect yourself against unreasonable child support demands if you do not have primary placement of your children, it is advisable to hire a professional and an experienced Milwaukee family law attorney to represent you in your divorce, paternity or child support case.   

An experienced family lawyer like Carlos Gamino can help you get a proper child support order in court. By getting a fair child support award you should be better able to meet the daily needs and maintain the standard of living you and your family are accustomed to after the divorce.  Along with helping you establish fair child support agreements, a Wisconsin family lawyer can also help you deal with other child custody and placement arrangements.  Finding the best lawyer for your case is important.  

To ensure you hire a competent family lawyer in Milwaukee like Attorney Carlos Gamino, here are some important questions you should ask the lawyer at your initial consultation:


  1.        How long has the lawyer been practicing family law, divorce, paternity or child support cases?
  2.           What is his/her educational background?
  3.         What percentage of cases has the lawyer handled related to divorce, paternity and child support litigation?
  4.          What is the success rate of divorce, family law or child support cases that the lawyer has dealt with in court?
  5.           How much will the lawyer charge for your case?
  6.           How will the lawyer approach your case?


When you find an attorney who has a high success rate, a wealth of experience in cases like yours and is easily available, then that lawyer is a good choice to represent you.

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