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Rising Temperatures Bring More Disorderly Conduct Charges

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 06/05/14

Rising Temperatures Bring More Disorderly Conduct Charges 

When it gets warmer outside, we almost always see a surge in the disorderly conduct charges that come through Milwaukee courtrooms. Whether that’s because people are shaking off the stresses of our cold, Wisconsin winters or because they’re just more likely to have big get-togethers and be out in public, I’m not sure – but as a disorderly conduct lawyer in Milwaukee, I do know that even things that start out in good fun can end in serious criminal charges.

Disorderly Conduct in Milwaukee

Wisconsin law gives disorderly conduct a very broad definition. It includes behaviors that can be deemed:


  •         Violent
  •         Abusive
  •          Indecent
  •          Profane
  •          Boisterous
  •          Unreasonably loud
  •          Otherwise disorderly


As you can see, boisterous, unreasonably loud and otherwise disorderly are pretty gray areas. Some of the others, such as indecent and profane, are subject to interpretation. For example, you and your grandmother probably have different definitions of what’s indecent or profane (and you may think her television is unreasonably loud).

To make things even more confusing, the conduct can occur in either a public place or a private place. Further, you don’t even have to bother someone to be charged with disorderly conduct in Milwaukee. You might just be doing something that could disturb someone.

What Happens if You’re Convicted of Disorderly Conduct in Milwaukee?

If you’re convicted of disorderly conduct in Milwaukee, prepare yourself for the possible consequences. You could spend up to 90 days in jail and end up paying a fine of up to $1,000.

Those are pretty stiff penalties, especially when you consider that they’re levied against people for such a wide array of offenses – so if you’re facing something like this, you’ll probably benefit from talking to a Milwaukee disorderly conduct attorney who can protect your rights and help tell your side of the story in court.

The best advice? It’s the same as your dad would give: just keep your cool, no matter where you are.

Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño

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