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Q and A with Attorney Carlos Gamino - Part 6

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 07/17/14

 Driving on a Suspended License in WisconsinThis post is the sixth in a series of eight that features a question-and-answer session with Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño. As a criminal defense attorney in the Milwaukee and Waukesha areas, Attorney Carlos Gamino enjoys helping people solve legal problems.

Q: What kinds of driving offenses do you help people defend themselves from in Milwaukee courts?

Attorney Carlos Gamiño: We work on the whole spectrum of driving offenses. Whether you have a heap of unpaid parking tickets or you’re being charged with a DUI in Milwaukee or the surrounding areas, we can help ensure that your side of the story is heard in court. We also work on cases where people continue to drive with a suspended license, hit-and-run cases and many other types, as well.

Q: What happens to people who are caught driving with a suspended license?

Attorney Carlos Gamiño: If you’re convicted of driving on a suspended license, you could face some serious penalties. However, there is always room for interpretation in the law. If you’re driving because of an emergency – say you needed to get someone to the hospital, or you needed to get to work or you’d lose your job – a judge could be more lenient in court than he or she ordinarily would be.

Remember, though, that a judge’s job is to help uphold the law and to give sentences according to local, state and federal statutes. You could be sent to the county jail just for driving on a suspended license; if you cause injury or death while driving on a suspended license, you could end up in prison.

Q: Is there any defense for a DUI or OWI?

Attorney Carlos Gamiño: Of course! If you’re charged with drunk driving, we may be able to challenge the results of your blood alcohol or Breathalyzer test; we may also be able to challenge the validity of your field sobriety test (which are designed to make people fail, in my opinion). There are several defenses possible, so it’s important that you talk to a Milwaukee drunk driving lawyer to learn about your options.

Our next Q & A with Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño covers hacking, identity theft, child pornography and other computer crimes.

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