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Identity Theft- How to Protect Yourself from Serious Criminal Charges

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 03/25/14

Did you know that identity theft is one of the largest consumer complaints filed with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) each year and undoubtedly, one of the nation’s fastest growing crimes? Identity thieves are often alleged to have stolen the personal identification information of a victim and having exploited that person’s identity to their own benefit. The types of offenses we often see when someone is charged with identity theft include fraudulent use of a credit card; falsely obtaining medical benefits; creating tax liabilities for, or falsely obtaining tax refunds from, someone else by working under someone else’s name or social security number; providing someone else’s name when arrested for a crime.  Plainly, these criminal offenses can have large and long lasting implications for the person whose identity was stolen and therefore there are significant criminal penalties for anyone convicted of identity theft fraud charges.   

Nonetheless, if you also are charged with a fraud crime or identity theft in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin, then you definitely need to seek the help of an experienced lawyer like Attorney Carlos Gamino to protect yourself from the penalties you could face upon conviction, such as prison and fines. An experienced and adept criminal defense lawyer can fight your case in court, either to help prove that you did not commit the offense at a jury trial, or to help mitigate the consequences by plea negotiations and at sentencing if you are convicted if this criminal charge in Wisconsin.

Attorney Carlos Gamino has represented clients in many Southeastern Wisconsin counties related to identity theft charges.  He will review the facts alleged in your case and give you an honest assessment of your best defense and any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.    If you want additional information about identity theft charges in Wisconsin, Carlos Gamino suggests you click here to read more. 

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