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Help! Someone Has a Restraining Order Against Me!

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 03/16/14

If someone has a restraining order against you, your freedoms are automatically restricted. You may not be able to go to certain places, say certain things or associate with the people you normally associate with – and that’s not fair, especially if someone has lied about you in order to get a judge to approve the restraining order. You need to work with a highly qualified Milwaukee criminal defense attorney to help preserve your good name and maintain the freedoms that you deserve.

Who Files Frivolous Restraining Orders?

While it doesn’t always happen, it’s not uncommon for angry ex-spouses to file a frivolous restraining order; people who want revenge, want to make your life more difficult for any reason, or who are known to be “attention-hungry” can also file for restraining orders in the state of Wisconsin. While the courts do their best to see through frivolous claims, there are those that slip through the cracks… and that’s not fair to the victims.

Restraining Orders Based on Lies: Unfair and Harmful

Because a restraining order can stop you from being able to exercise your rights as an American, your family, your job and your friendships may be at stake. It’s important to note that the person who files the restraining order doesn’t have any such restrictions; he or she is still able to go wherever they’d like, speak to whomever they want, and even make contact with the person they have the restraining order against. On the other hand, the person with a restraining order held against them can face criminal charges for going against what it says.

That’s not fair. And that’s exactly why you need to work with someone who’s willing to take up the battle for you – someone like attorney Carlos A. Gamiño. Don’t let someone trample all over your rights; get the legal representation you deserve to protect your freedom and your future.

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