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Grand Theft Auto in Milwaukee - Its Not a Game in the Wisconsin Courts

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 06/06/14

Auto Theft in Milwaukee - Attorney Carlos A. Gamino 

Attorney Carlos Gamiño understands that car theft is a crime that carries serious penalties. He’s gone to court in Milwaukee and Waukesha to protect his clients’ rights, and he’ll be glad to help you, too.

Motor Vehicle Theft in Milwaukee

Taking a vehicle without its owner’s consent is all it takes for a motor vehicle theft conviction in the state of Wisconsin. The bottom line is that if you know the owner doesn’t give his or her consent and you take it anyway, you can be considered a car thief.

Carjacking is another form of vehicle theft that often includes the threat of force or the actual use of force to take a car without the owner’s consent.

Going to Jail… Over a Car?

Like all other felonies in Wisconsin, car theft carries harsh penalties. You could end up spending six years in jail and paying fines of up to $10,000 – and that’s for your first offense of ordinary vehicle theft. If you’ve used the threat of force, force, or a weapon, you could be convicted of a Class C felony.

Why You Need a Motor Vehicle Theft Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of stealing a car, whether or not you actually did it, follow these basic rules:

·       Tell investigators that you won’t say anything until you’ve talked to a motor vehicle theft lawyer.

·       Really, don’t say anything. Remember that despite what police threaten you with or promise you, it’s their job to get you to confess – and many police will do whatever it takes to get that confession.

·       Call Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño at (414) 383-6700 at your first opportunity. Don’t worry about calling someone to bail you out yet; this kind of accusation needs an attorney’s attention immediately. Your lawyer will be happy to let your family know where you are and that you’re safe – you just need to worry about yourself right now.

·       Stay quiet!

Many people don’t know how beneficial it can be to have an experienced lawyer in their corner, but it can make a big difference. Your lawyer can help prevent you from saying anything that could incriminate you, explain the court process to you and fight for your rights to be protected every step of the way.

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