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3 Things Baseball Can Teach Us About the Milwaukee Court System

by Attorney Carlos Gamino on 06/24/14

  3 Things Baseball Can Teach Us About the Milwaukee Court System

As an experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, Carlos A. Gamiño has spent more hours than he can count in the courtroom – and as a baseball fan, he hasn’t spent enough hours at Miller Park. Fortunately, there are a few correlations between baseball and the Milwaukee court system… sort-of.

3 Things Baseball Can Teach Us About the Milwaukee Court System

Baseball has a distinct set of rules, just like the Milwaukee court system does. Although the penalties for breaking them are very, very different, there are some other striking (no pun intended) similarities:

1. The playing field has to be equal for everyone involved. In baseball, it’s based on very precise measurements; in court, it’s based on you walking in there with a clean slate. Everyone in this country is innocent until they’re proven guilty, and the Milwaukee court system does its best to make sure that holds true.

2. Someone is presiding over the situation and making sure that everything is fair. In baseball, we’re talking about the umpire; in court, we’re talking about the judge. The strike zone is the same for everybody – just beneath your knee to the midpoint of your abdomen. In court, it’s the limits of the law.

3. You’re allowed three strikes. In baseball, you kick the dirt and head back to the dugout. In Wisconsin, three strikes gets you a much harsher sentence. Wisconsin’s three strikes law isn’t as severe as California’s, but you still need to tread carefully when it comes to convictions.

The Wisconsin court system is built to be fair, but like everything else in life, some things slip through the cracks. It’s up to you and your Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer to make sure that your case isn’t one of them.

Do me a favor, though: don’t forget the differences between court and baseball, though – especially when we’re talking about stealing home plate.

Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño

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