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People ask me all the time:  What does Attorney Carlos Gamino like best about being a lawyer?

My name is Carlos A. Gamino, and I am an attorney in Milwaukee, WI.  Since I was a child I always dreamed of being a lawyer - dedicating my life to helping others resolve their problems.  In my view, lawyers are professional problem solvers.  

We understand that, in life, we all encounter situations and problems that we don't want or expect. Lets face it, sometimes life gets messy! A good lawyer can help keep things clean - whether its as a result of proactive legal advice that avoided a likely conflict down the road, or staunch advocacy to resolve a dispute that already exists. That's why I am here to help!  

I am a first generation American, raised in Brookfield, WI.  My parents immigrated to the United States in the 1960s, my father from Mexico and my mother from Colombia.  My parents instilled in me the strong work ethic and the resolve that it takes to become established as an immigrant to the United States.  I have brought that dedication to the practice of law.  As a Wisconsin lawyer practicing in Milwaukee, I find it most rewarding when I am able to help clients facing federal, state, or local government action.  I focus my practice in the following areas: United States immigration lawyer, family law/divorce attorney, and Wisconsin criminal defense attorney in Milwaukee.  *Attorney Carlos Gamino is not currently accepting new clients.
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My answer has to depend on the area of law they are asking about.  For example, when I think about immigration law, my answer is:  Understanding the life altering opportunities afforded to my parents, and to my family, as a result of their ability to immigrate to the United States, I am very proud to assist clients looking to bring family members, friends, and colleagues to the United States through legal immigration.  In this area I am not only a problem solver, but able to be a part of another family realizing the American dream by immigrating to the United States.  

When I am asked about my favorite part of being a criminal defense attorney, my answer is:  we are innocent until proven guilty.  While many people think that "where there is smoke, there must be fire," someone needs to make sure that every safeguard is adhered to so that no innocent person is wrongly convicted.  The government has an awesome and scary power to incarcerate people, tearing families and communities apart.  While it is important to have a criminal justice system to ensure the safety of our society, there must be a system of checks and balances to make sure that power isn't abused, and to put up ever legal defense to ensure that innocent people do not go to jail.    
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